House of Ash | Review

Greetings readers!

It feel like it has been forever since I have written a review. The mood has just not struck me lately. While I have read a lot, I have been slacking on turning on the laptop and typing away. But here I am today, tying away at a review that I hope you will enjoy!

House of Ash by Hope Cook

House of Ash

via Goodreads

After hearing voices among an eerie copse of trees in the woods, seventeen-year-old Curtis must confront his worst fear: that he has inherited his father’s mental illness. A desperate search for answers leads him to discover Gravenhearst, a labyrinth mansion that burned down in 1894. When he locks eyes with a steely Victorian girl in a forgotten mirror, he’s sure she’s one of the fire’s victims. If he can unravel the mystery, he can save his sanity . . . and possibly the girl who haunts his dreams.

But more than 100 years in the past, the girl in the mirror is fighting her own battles. When her mother disappears and her sinister stepfather reveals his true intentions, Mila and her sister fight to escape Gravenhearst and unravel the house’s secrets—before it devours them both.

*I was provided a copy via Netgalley & the publisher, but all opinions are my own!*

I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this book. Was this going to be time-travel-y, horrorish, fantastical? Like, I didn’t know! It definitely turned out to be a mix of all of those. With a whole lot more just thrown in at you. The synopsis really does the bare minimum to prepare you for the novel. I’m not saying that it was unpleasant, but very different from what I didn’t even know to expect! (Rendz, you make no sense sometimes…)

What I Liked


Mila: While I felt she was just a tad underdeveloped, I enjoyed her character. For a woman living in the 1800s she was rather scandalous. She rode horses and didn’t like to conform to the typical role of a woman in her time. She was far more advanced in her thinking. She was most definitely not perfect, she had her flaws especially her tendency to run head first into trouble. But she was undeniably brave considering the struggles she went through.

Curtis: I found he was the bigger focus of the novel. He had a tough life, grieving his dead mother having to protect his younger sister and somehow manage their mentally ill father. It is clear that Curtis did not enjoy his life and would have rather been born in a different family.  Now that his own sanity is at risk with the whispers, he finds himself in even more troubles and things get a hell of a lot worse. He was a very complex character. He had his rough side, his tender side, his defeated side and his fighter side. A lot of different faces for different situations.

Switching Between Times: It was smooth and not confusing. Sometimes the story gets all jumbled when it keeps being switched back and forth, back and forth. I thought that it was great in this book. There was never really a dull moment in either. I would get engrossed in the Curtis’ time and then switch to Mila’s and still be engrossed because things were always changing!

Setting: *IN CANADA* You know, patriotic Rendz brought out her flag and timmies XD

But seriously, I enjoyed the haunting and ominous setting. It was very creepy and alluring, and went perfectly with both time lines. As much as I like to say that it was very haunting, I will say that maybe a little more detail to just complete the atmosphere would have made this book even better.

THIS IS MONSTER HOUSE BUT WITH TIME TRAVEL: If you don’t know what I’m talking about…I’m talking about this:

Image result

via google!

*I don’t know about you, but this movie freaked me out as a small person!*

The element of the living house is what I found common between the book and the movie! It was what gave the extra little creep factor! While I was reading and this image of a creepy house that lives popped up into my mind, THIS MOVIE came to me in a huge flashback! The stories are very different but the whole haunted house thing is similar!

It eats people….

What I Disliked:

Serious Issues That Are Just Kind of Thrown At You: By page 40 or so in this book I was exposed to several serious topics. You have parental abuse, mental illness and suicide. I was anticipating MI, but the other two just came at me. The parental abuse was very minimal…but I found that it was also addressed minimally. Suicide went hand in hand with the MI aspect…but again, I felt like it was dealt with too simply. Again, I don’t know. I am no expert in any of these topics, so I cannot really be a judge.

Abrupt Ending: This was the ending: Mystery solved. Dusts off hands. The End. There was no final ta-da or wazam! I kept flipping to see if there would be more after, but no. There was a big *thing* at the end that I think needed some explaining because I found it hard to wrap my head around!

Overall, I thought it was a good story. It did keep me on my toes and had some great creepy feelings to go alongside the time travelling mystery. I liked how the story flowed and came together overall, despite those minor issues I mentioned. It didn’t leave room for a sequel, but like…a sequel could be useful to explain that *thing* I mentioned at the end! I almost forgot! This book has a few images! They aren’t full colour and kind of look like X-rays…but not! But again, it added to the creep factor!

Rating: 3.75 Stars

Recommend: A Monster House-esque tale, with creepy Victorian and Present Day Canada! Oh yes!

I’d like to know how you fare in a haunted house! Can you make it to the end? Would you break down in the middle of it? Or never dare go in?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


The Happiness Tag

Greetings readers!

I was tagged by two lovely people for this wonderful tag! I feel like I am in the perfect mood to do this since I was down in the dumps earlier and I need some cheering up!

Thank you to..

Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional – Nadwa has great reviews, tags and other great posts all the time up on her blog, so you should definitely give her a visit!

Jeannie @ A Happy Clam – Another great blog with awesome posts, reviews and more!

Let’s get on to the HAPPY!

List Five Things That Make you Happy

1. BOOKS *shocker* Yes, books hence this blog, hence the bookstagram, hence the overflowing shelves in my room, hence the books I have hidden in various areas of my room so my family doesn’t think I have too many. Yeah…books.

Seriously though…reading books is the best escape and past time for me. I used to detest reading but now I cannot get enough of it!

2. Rewatching the Narnia movies *another shocker* It’s just the sense of nostalgia and comfort I get from revisiting a familiar world and story that I love! Plus, I have a competition with myself to see how many lines I have memorized (which is a lot).

3.  Sketching/Being Artsy – It has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a kid, I was an inventor. I wrote little stories then illustrated them. If I pictured a castle in my head, I built out of toilet paper rolls and scrap cardboard. If I wanted a toy car, I built that too with bottle caps for wheels.

I have about three sketchbooks. One filled with nonsensical drawings, one I used for school (far more professional) and one specifically for fan art (which if I ever finish one drawing, I will share with you!) And I have a binder full of drawings of forests and other enchanting things because I went through this everlasting magical forest phase!

4. Sitting on My Porch and Day Dreaming – This is done more often in the summer when it’s nice and hot, maybe a little breezy. But sometimes, I just like to sit and day dream. Not actually think about all the stressful things in my life, but think about stories, adventures, the good times I’ve had. I day dream far too much and too often. I can do it any where and I love it because that is where my stories come and characters I create tell me about themselves and I shovel out their secrets! It’s also where the sketches and fan art ideas come from!

5. Being Alive and Well – There is so much crap in this world, and people are suffering constantly. People are always fighting, whether it be for their lives, health or beliefs. I’m lucky to have been born in a free country, in a relatively chill neighbourhood (it has it’s share of dark times). I’m lucky to have a loving family, to be in good health and not having to live in constant fear or peril.

Life is most certainly not perfect for me, but it’s those good feeling moments that I cherish. Those moments when I lose myself in a book, those moments when I am revisiting my favourite fantasy world, those moments when I crease my brow to get those paint strokes right, those moments of contemplation on my porch.

Those moments when I remember; I am alive and well.

List Five Songs That Make You Happy

My music taste is literally all over the place. I like pop, hip hop, reggaeton, instrumentals even some rock and country. Literally I am all over the place!

So this list consists of some current and old songs that make me tingle! They give me giddy feels and I adore listening to them!




OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *little Rendz is swaying somewhere*

My current song on repeat!

I can keep the list going, but the tag asks for five so I won’t cheat! 😉

I Tag…

Let’s get the happy train going! Choo-choo*

Book Chanted Blog

The Book Goddess

The Clever Reader

This is a pretty old tag, so if you have done it before no need to do it again!

*That was such a bad joke, I’m sorry!

I would love to know what makes you all feel happy and giddy inside. Let’s veto “books” as an answer because I’m pretty sure we all know that!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz



My Hierarchy of Fictional Love Interests

Greetings readers!

In every book we come across those fictional characters that just completely capture our attention  ADORATION. Sometimes feelings are so intense they capture our hearts  ENTIRE BEINGS, until we are wishing that they were real people that we could touch, hear and talk too.

I have gone through this. A. Lot.

Like almost every book I have read.

It’s the Book Bae Syndrome.

 work office mean girls sick job GIF


The one or two, maybe three(?) characters from a book that just seize your whole essence that you wish, dream and do all sorts of witch craft to make them real people, that you can love and cherish!!

Yeah……………………………..we all go through that.


It is totally okay to have a crush on a character from a fictional book that could never possibly exist in real life.

Totally okay!

In fact I’m celebrating it!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how exactly my Book Baes get ranked. I have a hierarchy for this guys. It’s not just a list.

It is a system.

Now for me, this list is basically going to consist of males.  BUT I know for a lot of people out there this system could be different! It can be full of males, females or a mixture of both! Totally up to you! Whomever you desire 😉

So….The Hierarchy!

Let’s get to it!

The Book Boy Toy

Book Boy Toys are the boys in books that I find rather attractive but due to some issues I cannot fully commit to them, like lack of character development or they are literally the side characters. They have a little something-something that makes me bat my eyelashes, but they are also missing a little something-something to make them really stick in my mind!

The Boy Toy is simply a pass time Book Bae. I think about them ever so often, but not every single day!

Boo! A Madea Halloween reaction hi wave hey GIF


Sometimes Boy Toys level up…but usually they are side characters, so…. most of the time they end up dead. Not fun. I know.

Book Boy Toys are also usually the losing side of the love triangle. Even if I’m rooting for the other guy, in some cases I find myself feeling bad for the loser and categorize him as Boy Toy.

Some examples of my Boy Toys…

Rylan from the Defy Series by Sara B. Larson (Losing side of the triangle/Also the guy I rooted for so he’s a precious boy toy)

Jamie Watson from the Charlotte Holmes series by Brittany Cavallaro (TBH I think he is really hot and sweet and smart…but that’s it)

Jack from the Dust Lands trilogy by Moira Young (This series shook me to the core…and it helped that Jack was easy on the eyes!)


The Book Boyfriend

Now the Book Boyfriend is one level up from the Boy Toy. He is usually a character that really makes me swoon and catches my attention for most of the book. He doesn’t have to be the main character, although most of the times he is! When he pops up on the page, all my attention is on him. He is my precious cinnamon roll and I would do anything to protect him.

Book Boyfriends definitely have the swoon factor! Either in looks or actions. If he knows pretty words even better!

Book Boyfriends can level up or down (it is very rare, however). The Book Boyfriend list is rather long. Lot’s of guys end up on this list because they have a lot of memorable qualities!

They are however, missing that big WOW factor, that ultimate thing that just makes me faint.

But the swoon factor…

 friends perfect thumbs up monica courteney cox GIF


Some examples of my Book Boyfriends…

Kai/ Wolf/ Jacin from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Three swoony and adorable boys who just make my heart squeeze with every little thing they say and do!)

Amar from The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi (Total sweet-talker. Holy cannoli, I would faint if he ever said any of those sweet things to me)

Arin from The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski (Just…uhgh….perfection. Him and Kestrel. UGH. LOVE.)

Day (Daniel Wing) from the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu (*cries for days on end* Get me a guy like him please.)

Kaz Brekker from the Six of Crows duology (Put. Those. Dirty. Hands. On. Me……………..*side note* I ship him too much with Inej so levelling up is hard for him.)


The Book Husband

The ultimate level a male character can achieve in my books. It is the highest and most distinguished level. This list is shorter, but full of amazing characters that are literally my e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

To make Book Husband status this character has to be the total package. He has got to tick off all my boxes. The swoon, the sweet words, the humour, the flaws, the proclamations of love (depending on the situation.) Everything.

My Book Husbands are constantly in my thoughts. And when I think about them I get a weird googly-eyed face that makes me look a little crazy. I know this because my sisters are always pointing it out.

 happy demi lovato perfect adorable heart attack GIF


If just the thought of them makes me giggle, swoon and squeezes my heart…YOU KNOW THEY HAVE MADE THE BOOK HUSBAND LIST.

Some examples of Book Husbands…

Chaol Westfall from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (My heart. MY HEART. It was his from the moment he walked onto the page. Total package. The build. The loyalty. I love him, flaws and all.)

Elias Veturius from the Ember Quartet by Sabaa Tahir (*faints* OMG. Just wow. Total heartthrob. Mask or No-Mask. Ticked every box so fast. He is so complex and swoony, I can’t!)

Carswell Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (*high-pitched girly squeals.* Thorne is very special. I have never gotten so giddy and silly over a fictional character before. BUT HIM. GOSH. It’s just squealing and swooning from me. Just a constant squeal/swoon)


SO yeahhhhhhhhhhh………………………….

My three levels of Book Baes

Of course, new guys are being added everything single time I read a good book. I should keep a written list, but that would mean having to go through all my books again! (Which I have no problem with….maybe I’ll do it!)

So now the tables turn to you!

Do you have a system? Are there some characters that are totally everything and hit that Husband list or are they still Boy Toy-like?

Let me know one of your favourite Book Baes or if you’re not so into romance, I would love to know about your Book Besties! Now that is a long list in my books.

I would also love to know what attracts you to a character! Do you have a certain type? A certain quality you look for? 

Happy reading! (And Book Bae Hunting!)

~ Rendz


Unique Blogger Award Pt 2

Greetings readers!

I really am horrible person at keeping up with my tags and awards. I have a word document with a list of tags and awards posts I must get to. This particular award has been sitting on my document far too long and collecting way, way too much dust!

I have three lovely and amazing bloggers to thank for nominating me for this award.

Thank you to…

Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm Blog – A wonderful blog, full of amazing tags, reviews and discussions. Plus my fellow Canadian blogger *fist bump*

Olga’s Oddish Obsession – Great blog with a great writer behind it! You definitely must drop by this blog!

Kyera’s Library – Such a cool blog with so many fun posts and fandom related discussions! So much wonderfullness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thank you, thank you, and thank you to you all! I am so honoured to be recognized by these amazing bloggers and I hope you all drop by and give them a visit!



  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions.

Shanah’s Questions!

1. What do you like most about being a (book) blogger?

I love obsessing about books. It is one of my favourite things to do. Writing endless posts about my feels and overall attitudes towards books and all things fandom is one of the best feelings in the world. Plus, I have a whole community who actually fangirls/boys with me.

2. If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fantasy. No hesitation. I’m always looking for a little magic in my life along with some grand adventure. The answer will always be fantasy.

3. What female or male character do you find most inspirational and why?

Hmmmm….this one is tough.


I find Inej Ghafa pretty inspirational. Her life got turned upside down and she had to endure horrors that no person should have to endure. The fact that she can still go through her life everyday and continue to face dangers with hope and courage in her heart, that’s what I want. The courage to go forward despite the terrors of the past.

“You still may die in the Dregs.”
Inej’s dark eyes had glinted. “I may. But I’ll die on my feet with a knife in my hand.”
― Leigh BardugoSix of Crows

Olga’s Questions!

1. When it comes to books, what is your preferred genre and what in particular made you love it so much?

The magic, adventure, battles, mythical creatures!! I mean, what is not to love??

2. What career would you like to pursue in the future? Publisher? Author? Secret Ninja? Dancing Minnie Mouse at Disneyland?

What a haunting question. I have never truly known. Not even to this day. But I fantasize of signing books and meeting people who love what I write. So….I definitely want to be a secret Ninja!

3. Does it take you a while to type your reviews or other blog posts? Which, by far, has been your favorite book to review? Add a link!


Once I get into the mood and in my zone it takes me 1/2 hour to an hour to write up a review. Depending on how much I want to rant or rave and how many times I have to keep heading back to my YouTube tab to change the song I am listening too.

Umm fave book to review…what a tough question!

Wires & Nerve by Marissa Meyer
This one has a funny story to go along with it, plus I adore everything TLC!

Kyera’s Questions!

1. What is your favourite book genre?

Guess. Take a gander!………………….It starts with an F…………………it ends with a Y………..I talk about it non-stop……………………………………………………………………*magic*

2. Would you rather always get to read new releases, but never keep them or never get to read new releases, but have as many books as you want?

Read new releases but not keep them! Hello, I want to read books! Plus, it’s basically the system of the library!

3. Have you ever gone to meet an author before (ie. book signing, book fest/con, etc)?

I am fortunate enough to live in a big city so author tours come up here sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. I have had the grand opportunity of meeting Morgan Rhodes, E.K. Johnston, Lauren Oliver, Kendare Blake, M.E. Girard, Veronica Roth, Kiersten White, Catherine Egan and my idol MARIE LU!(I also went to a Sarah J. Maas signing but eh, whatevs I didn’t actually meet her!)

I love to write about my embarrassing moments when meeting authors, so please check them out!

The Lady is A Champ Experience (Marie Lu, Morgan Rhodes, Kiersten White, Catherine Egan)

Teen Tour Experience (Lauren Oliver, Kendare Blake, M.E. Girard)

Veronica Roth Event 

I Nominate

I’m nominating a few new lovely bloggers I have had the chance of interacting with over this summer!

Darque Dreamer Reads

Bookchanted Blog

Keystroke Blog


My Questions:

  1. Quick Estimate! How many books are on your bookshelf? (Physically)
  2. Name one book that totally blew your mind! In what way?
  3. What really attracts you to read a book? A.K.A what is you hook-line-and-sinker?

Thank you again to all the lovely people that nominated me for this award! I love having such wonderful blogger friends!

I promise guys I will get better (and faster) at answering these tags and award posts!*

*Hopefully 😀

And since it was such a popular question today: What is your all-time favourite genre?!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


July Wrap-Up/ Haul & August TBR

Greetings readers!

For some reason, July and August got a little hectic when the months transitioned over. I feel like I have been a very lazy blogger and my reading pace kind of deteriorated towards the end of July! To say the least, I’ve been quite busy these past two weeks. But I am glad to be blogging again and I have some fun things planned so hopefully I can get to them!


Wrap Up

So as promised way back in the Spring, I would be getting to a lot more books in July than any other month in the year. It’s summer, so I am on vacation and my library visits usually end up with me leaving with many, many books.

So this month I read:

The Duke of Bannerman Prep by Katie A. Nelson

I really enjoyed this one. It is a Great Gatsby retelling with a Debate team twist. So I definitely recommend you to check it out! My Mini Review

lib haul june

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King

It was an enjoyable read. I definitely wished there was a bit more mythology, but I am looking forward to the next one (even though I have my worries about it.) My Full Review

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This was a reread for the Ya Book Bloggers Club on Goodreads! I still loved it, and I am so looking forward to continuing my re-read of the series!!! I wrote a special post for this book. A Moment of Fangirling: Cinder If you are a fan of this series, I definitely hope you check it out!

Zero Repeat Forever by G.S. Prendergast

This is Canadian YA! (super YAY) It is a sci-fi, apocalyptic story with elements of Beauty & the Beast and I really liked it! It releases this month, so I definitely would recommend you check it out. My Full Review


The Book of Whispers by Kimberley Starr

This was a fun and cute read. If you want a little adventure in the time of the crusades, this one is good. My Full Review

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

The temptation was too strong so I re-read this before any other books! I still loved it! How could I not? So much epicness!!!!! My fangirling post went up so please check it out! A Moment of Fangilring: Scarlet

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

AKA the book Rendz forced herself to read so that she can read Tower of Dawn (A book all about Chaol!) I didn’t like it, despite enjoying some parts of it. You can read all about my unpopular opinions in my review. Lots of funny gifs were used XP My Full Review

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

This is the sequel to A Study in Charlotte which I really loved! I enjoyed this one as well and I am looking forward to the next one!!!  My Full Review

The Ninth Circle by C.A. Harland

Not my favourite book of the month. I was expecting so much more from the pretty cover! My Mini Review

The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

I enjoyed this one too. It didn’t blow me away  but I liked the cheesiness that came with it! Still I NEED MORE STREET RACING!!! My Full Review


Cress by Marissa Meyer

Once again, I couldn’t tamper my temptation so I gave in and read one of the best books in existence! My fangirling post will be long and gify for this one.

Hinder by Kristin Ping

I had some issues with this book, but I guess it was an alright read after everything. My Full Review

Sabriel by Garth Nix

A classic fantasy I have been meaning to get too and I finally have! While it was a little tough to get into, I really enjoyed it! Review to come!

Other Fun Posts from July

Special Canada 150 Post!

The Emoji Book Tag

Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

The Get To Know Me Tag

The Goodreads Tag


I don’t think I bought many books this month, but I did go to the library twice and had quite the adventure there.

From the library I collected…

The Last of August by Brittany Callavaro
The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia
Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas
Sabriel by Garth Nix
I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Gretchen McNeil
The Reader by Traci Chee
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I didn’t buy anything this month……so I feel like that is quite the accomplishment.


Well basically my TBR is my library haul since I have a due date for them. I’ve already managed to get some of them down, but I still have quite a lot of things to get through.

Plus, I really really really really want to read Winter by the end of the month! Not to mention I have a whole bunch of ebooks to get to as well!

Plus, I have to read the ACOTAR series and Truthwitch (before Maz kills me).

For a short section, it is a rather long list.

But when are TBRs ever short?

Well that basically has been my life for the past couple weeks. There is so much blogging I want to get done, but also so much reading. Yet, I feel like I’m not managing my time good, which makes me crazy!

But I will get to it!

I must!

Wish me luck!!!

Let me know what your favourite book of last month was! Or what your most anticipated read is this month! I cannot wait to hear about all your choices!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


Bridges: A Daphne White Novel | Review

Greetings readers!

There are a few genres that I pick up rarely. And when I mean rarely, I mean like once a year, maybe twice? It’s usually a genre that I have very little interest in or think I will just not enjoy.

That is of course not always the case.

Women’s Fiction is one of those genres. I have picked up WF before and enjoyed some of my reads, but I could never really relate to the characters. It was always about middle-aged women who were recounting their lives and trying to find a way to begin anew. Whereas, I was barely a woman when I was reading them.

But now, that I am a little older and more understanding of a woman’s struggle in life, I find myself enjoying them a bit more!

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel by Maria Murnane

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel

via Goodreads


It’s a piece of news Daphne never expected to hear: Her globe-trotting friend Skylar, who vowed never to get married, is engaged! Time to celebrate in Manhattan—Skylar’s treat, of course. After years scaling the corporate ladder, she can more than afford it.

Daphne arrives in NYC with news of her own—the novel she’s finally finished appears to be going nowhere but the trash bin of every publishing house around. She’s devastated but plans to keep her disappointment under wraps, something that becomes trickier when she sees Skylar’s spectacular apartment. Could her life have been like this if she’d chosen a different path?

What Daphne doesn’t know is she’s not the only one with a secret. Skylar and their friend KC are also holding something back, but what? As the trip unfolds, the truth about each woman emerges, along with tears.

And laughter. And love.

The fun-loving trio readers fell for in Wait for the Rain is together once more. Here’s to the power of friendship!

I enjoyed this read. It was really cute and fun. Following a very close friend group on their trip in New York was an adventure. Perhaps not magical, but filled with humour, love and drama. And you know me, I love a good bit of drama. But this above all else is a story of friendship and savouring the happy moments in life.

What I Liked


Daphne: I liked Daphne a lot. She was fun and creative. She was an aspiring writer, who had just sent out multiple emails to various agents hoping for one to get back to her and make her dream a reality. On her trip to New York things started getting rough when she keeps getting rejected and starts regretting some of her previous life decisions. Witnessing all the success that her friends had in life, she wondered if she made the bad choice of getting married so young and putting her own aspirations on hold. So I totally get that Daphne got jealous. Who wouldn’t be a little envious if your friends were rich, smart and successful and you were just making it. Just. So I really loved reading about her struggle to get out of that mind set. To find value in her own work and progress. To be happy.

Skylar: She was also very charismatic and fun. She was the most successful in terms of money within the trio. She had a luxurious life style, but instead of flouncing about in it and being stuck up (as one would expect, if you watch dramatic movies) she turned out to be quite caring, generous and humble. She was always there for her friends even when things got a little testy. She struggled with commitment and entrusting others with her happiness, hence the amount time it took her to get engaged. She still struggles with the idea of giving her heart out without the worry of it being shattered. It’s the leap of faith she needs to learn to take.

KC: KC was the most humorous character. She was very bubbly and super active. But even the bubbly have their issues in this book. While I felt that her story was focused on the least, I liked that it wasn’t a quick resolution. There was still some substance in her struggle.

Friendship Galore: This entire book is focused on the Three Musketeers friendship. Like many real-life friends these women don’t come without their short-comings. They still bicker and test each other, but in the end the solid basis of their relationships are able to bring each other back together again. I loved how supportive these women were of one another. This NYC trip strengthened the bond between the women and paved the way for them to continue their relationship.

Themes in Perseverance & Self-Worth: As mentioned earlier, Daphne does struggle with finding meaning in her work and writing. She knows that she is good at it but feels as though no one else (but Skylar & KC) feels the same. We all have our moments of self-doubt, but like Daphne we have to learn to not compare our own success to that of others. It’s not about having a perfect life, it’s about having a happy one.

What I Disliked

Super Mellow: It could have been more suspenseful or at least intense. Everything was rather mellow and toned down. There were moments of anger, sadness and rather embarrassing moments but none of them caused enough reaction from me. It was all too sunshine and rainbows! It needed one of those big storm clouds that just make it really hard on the reader emotionally. Where was the intensity, the major melodrama?

I just was not feeling anything for most of the book. My face was blank or I was getting bored. Everything was too predictable. I wished there was just a little more juice and twistiness to amp up the emotions in the story.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a cute friendship story. There is a lot of sister power in this one! I was hoping for a little more intensity and suspense, that would have probably brought up the rating a lot more. There was like a smidge of romance, but it was never the focus and I honestly forgot all about it. This was a really cute, fun and humorous friendship adventure!

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars

Recommend: For those looking for #FriendshipGoals!

About the Author

Maria 6.jpg

The way Maria became an author is a little crazy. She used to work in high-tech PR but hated it, so one day she quit and ended up playing semi-pro soccer in Argentina for a year. While she was down there she decided to write a novel, which was something she’d always dreamed of doing. Fast forward a few years and she’s now the best-selling author of Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life, Honey on Your Mind, Chocolate for Two, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, Wait for the Rain, and Bridges. And yes, she still plays a lot of soccer!

Learn more and sign up for her mailing list at


More From Maria!

  • Give us an insight into your main character. What makes he/she so special?

Daphne White also appears in Wait for the Rain, and when that book came out many readers wrote to tell me that what they liked most about Daphne was how relatable she was as a divorced woman struggling to find the confident, witty, fun-loving person she used to be. In Bridges, Daphne has regained her old spark and is in a much happier place, but her life is far from perfect, as is she. I guess you could say she’s special because she’s real.

  • Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from Bridges?

I was just asked this question by a small production company that is working to develop Wait for the Rain into a film. Not that they would be able to afford her, but my top choice for Daphne would be Drew Barrymore. A girl can dream, right?

  • What draws you to this contemporary fiction?

I like creating stories and characters that feel like real life, and I’m a woman, so there you go. Plus I could never write mysteries or thrillers or sci-fi. My brain isn’t wired that way.

  • Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process? What’s the purpose behind your cover images?

I think every reader has a different relationship with a book’s cover. I view my covers as a still shot, in other words a moment in the story that (I hope) makes a reader want to become part of that world for a few hours or days.

  • When did you decide to become a writer?

I always thought it would be cool to write a funny novel “some day,” but I was working full time so I didn’t think I would ever actually do it. Then one day I quit my job and went to Argentina by myself for what was supposed to be a two-week trip, but instead I ended up getting signed to play soccer for the women’s team at River Plate and staying down there for a year. (I realize that sounds insane, but it’s true.) With my brain freed up from an office job, I decided if I was ever going to write a novel it was time, so I wrote Perfect on Paper, the first of the Waverly Bryson series. It took a while to get it published, but eventually it went all the way to #2 overall on Amazon. (It remained there for just one day, but still! Super exciting.)  

  • What is the hardest thing about writing?

For me, the hardest part is coming up with the idea(s). That can be extremely challenging. But once I decide what I want to happen in a particular chapter/scene/etc., the words flow pretty easily. This is what happened with Bridges.

  • What is the easiest thing about writing? 

Dialogue! I seem to have a knack for creating realistic, funny banter among friends—or so I’ve been told. As I’m typing this I’m realizing that there’s no way to answer the question without sounding like I’m patting myself on the back, so I hope the previous question will make it clear that writing is not a piece of cake for me.

  • What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

If there’s a book inside of you, just write it! You won’t regret it.

  • What made you decide to bring Daphne, Skylar and KC back for a second novel?

Skylar is based on my friend Annie, who is a huge fan of my books. One night we had dinner and ended up brainstorming ideas for my next novel, and by the end of the evening we had a skeleton outline for what turned into Bridges. It was that quick! The writing itself took much longer obviously, but it was that single dinner that led to the idea.

  • Is Bridges in any way based on your own experiences?

A little bit. In Bridges Daphne is struggling with the pain of being rejected over and over (and over!) while trying to get her novel published. That’s something I know a LOT about. It took me nearly five years to get my first book (Perfect on Paper) published, and for a while there I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. That kind of rejection can take a toll on the self-esteem. Daphne also feels insecure when she sees how wealthy her friend Skylar has become since college. I also know what that feels like. I gave up a solid career in PR to focus on writing novels, and while I’m extremely proud that I’ve been able to make a living off that, many of my college friends now have closets larger than my bedroom.

  • What message do you want readers to take away from Bridges?

No one’s life is perfect no matter how great things might appear from the outside, so don’t be afraid to open up to your friends!

  • Do you currently have anything in the works?

I’m currently in the process of figuring out what to write next. I think I need to have another dinner with Annie! ☺

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know what some of your favourite fictional friendships are!!! And give a shout out to your besty because…why not?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


A Moment Of Fangirling: Scarlet

Greetings readers!

Time for the second installment of Lunar Chronicle crazy fangirling!!!!!!

Okay so after reading Cinder (the first time) and completely falling in love with it, I ran (more like hopped on the bus) to get the next one from the library. Luckily, it was available to me.

After reading Cinder (for the second time) and completely loving it AGAIN. I ran (actually ran) upstairs to my room (almost tripped) and grabbed my copy of Scarlet off the shelf!

Only it was too late at night to start it, but I did start it early the next day!

*Did you miss my fangirling on Cinder? Fear not for just click on this: A Moment of Fangirling: Cinder*


Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)

via Goodreads




I loved this sequel almost as much as I loved the first book. It had a new great cast of characters along with some previously known characters. Things get so much more intense and troublesome in this sequel with the whole Levana/Luna situation getting out of control!!! And an all new retelling with a futuristic and fantastic twist!!!!!!!!!! AND we are half way to a full Rampion crew!!!

PLUS an all new ship with cute and adorable moments!!!!!!!!!

 yay yummy funny gif pocky yus GIF


“Even in the future, beware of the big, bad wolf…”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Where, oh where do I begin?

Scarlet. (Of course)

“She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Scarlet (Las crónicas lunares, #2)

via Goodreads

I love Scarlet to the end. And beyond. She is a stubborn, passionate and intelligent farm girl, turned pilot, dubbed “mom” of the Rampion crew!

She is definitely a red headed hot head. She has a rather quick temper but she stands up for all the right reasons. Defending her grandmother and Cinder from a raucous diner crowd takes some courage.

“I just think we shouldn’t judge her, or anyone, without trying to understand them first. That maybe we should get the full story before jumping to conclusions. Crazy notion, I know.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

She is also killer strong! Physically, I mean. She has to do farm work and lug crates of vegetables around all the time.

Like tomato crates.

The Meredith Vieira Show reaction cute adorable flirt GIF


Plus she is killer cool. She knows how to fly a plane (or spaceship). Necessary skills it would seem to have for someone living in the future! And she can shoot! *Not saying the guns are cool and free to use all the time* but when face to face with some killer crazy-bloodthirsty beasts or a crazy Lunar Queen, learning to shoot may be a necessity.

Just saying.

But yes. I love Scarlet. I love her red hair and clashing red sweater!

And she is just so dedicated to her grandmother that my heart swells when I think about it!

 movie thumbs up emma stone easy a you got this GIF


Then there is WOLF!

“What’s your name, anyway?”

That awkward shrug again. “They call me Wolf at the fights.”

“ Wolf? ” How … predatory.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Scarlet (Saga Księżycowa, #2)

via Goodreads

Your classic, broody, silent dangerous looking heartthrob.

Such a swoon-motivator.

Plus, a street fighter! Not one’s typical occupation, but a rather successful one for our lovely friend, Wolf.

Did I also mention. He. Sounds. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

“He was still dazed, and though she hated to admit it, he was actually rather attractive. If a girl happened to like that square-jaw, bright-green-eyes, devilish-dimples kind of thing. Although he was in desperate need of a haircut and a good shave.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

The Late Late Show with James Corden hot fan flirting heat GIF


But beyond the looks. Wolf is quiet, sweet and a sensitive soul. He may have killer instincts and a rough looking exterior, but inside he is all goo and glory! He finds his saving grace in Scarlet and his ticket out of a bad-bad gang.

He keeps his secrets, but he does redeem himself!!

Cinder. Oh look! We get to talk about her again!

Cinder just keeps becoming more and more epic and kickass in this one. Now that she knows who she is and has to figure out what exactly she wants to do with that information she goes on another grand adventure! She is after all a wanted fugitive so she has to be on the run all the time.

“Two counts of treason, if you must know. And resisting arrest, and unlawful use of bioelectricity. Oh, and illegal immigration, but honestly, I think that’s a little excessive.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

But I love her even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can one love a character that much!

SpongeBob SquarePants love heart amor patrick GIF



Oh my poor, poor Kai!

Talk about going through some really tough stuff in this one. Levana sinks her claws deep into him and he is forced to experience so many terrible things! He is still my sweet little potato and I love him more as each book goes on!!

Plus his sass levels are rising!

“But Kai wasn’t his father. He wasn’t that selfless. Knowing it was wrong, he couldn’t help but wish that wherever Cinder had gone, they would never find her.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Now the moment, I have been waiting for.

The love of my life.

Carswell Thorne

CARSWELL THORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 love flirting swoon lov hey sexy GIF


I don’t think I have ever fallen harder for a character than Thorne.

“The captivity of Carswell Thorne had gotten off to a rocky start, what with the catastrophic soap rebellion and all.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

I cannot even fathom proper thoughts, it is just a constant squeal in my mind.

A giddy feeling.

To put it straight. He is funny, charming, swoony, caring and a total hero despite being a total criminal. (Criminal Mastermind.)

And a “great” Captain.

“At least we have each other.” He held out his arms, like he would have given her a huge hug if they hadn’t been strapped into their seats. The nose of the ship tipped to the right and he quickly grasped the controls again, leveling it out just in time to dodge flock of pigeons.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Guys. I just. I cannot form coherent thoughts.

More of this rambling will come in the next installment of this series. 


“Another silence as the heat in the engine room hovered just upside of comfortable. Then, “You’re … rather handsome, Captain Thorne.”
Cinder groaned.
“And you, my fine lady, are the most gorgeous (spoiler) in these skies, and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet



via Goodreads

I have never read a Little Red Riding Hood retelling and so I didn’t know exactly how it was going to go….

But I really enjoyed it! It had the traditional elements with the granny, the red hood and the big bad wolf (or perhaps wolves……)

The adventure to find Scarlet’s grandmère was definitely fun, risky and dangerous!

Especially when the confrontation came with the wolves. That was very suspenseful *even reading it a second time*

Favourite topic of the night…



Okay so this was the introduction of WOLFLET and OMG

How cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt.


Just so much gushing coming from Rendz.

“You’re the only one, Scarlet. You’ll always be the only one.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

 the simpsons lisa simpson simpsons flirting simpson GIF


“Then he was pulling her toward him and bundling her up in his arms. Scarlet gasped as Wolf buried one hand into her mess of curls and kissed her back.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

 swoon GIF


And of course this:

“Scarlet and Wolf are saying gushy things in the galley,” Iko said. “Normally I like gushy things, but it’s different when it’s real people. I prefer the net dramas.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

 swoon GIF


So yeah……………………………………………………..Wolflet.

There was minimal action between Cinder and Kai in this book seeing as he was in New Beijing and she on the run! But still they had some cute moments even so far apart!!!

“I don’t see that her being cyborg is relevant.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Love you Kai.

Cinder too.

星際小紅帽 (月族  #2)

via Goodreads

There was also the beginning of the best friendSHIP ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinder and Thorne.


“I can see that you’re in need of an accomplice,” Thorne said, straightening his jumpsuit. “And lucky for you, I happen to be a criminal mastermind.”
She glowered at him. “Go away.”
“That’s a difficult request in this situation.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

They have their special little banter that has me cracking up all the time. Cinder feels like she has no time for Thorne’s Thorne-ness and is always using her sass to crack a whip at him! And Thorne is–of course–oblivious to Cinder’s annoyance so the banter and friendship strengthens and forges to even stronger levels!!

 love cute hug sweet friend GIF


“Well,” Cinder finally grumbled. “I guess that was pretty fast thinking.”
A relieved grin filled up Thorne’s face. “We’re having another moment, aren’t we?”
“If by a moment, you mean me not wanting to strangle you for the first time since we met, than I guess we are.”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Just look at that banter.

Trust me guys there is so much more in the book and you guys have to read it. It is HILARIOUS.

“I have something else to show you.”
“I’m busy.”
“I promise not to make fun of your boyfriend anymore.”
“He’s not my boyfriend!”
― Marissa MeyerScarlet

Alright this is getting to be a little long, so I shall cut it off here.

Scarlet (Crónicas Lunares, #2)

via Goodreads

In short, I loved the sequel. I think everyone should read Cinder and then wait about 10 minutes after reading Cinder (you know to get your emotions together) and then immediately follow up with Scarlet!!!

So my final words for this book.







Time for you to fangirl/boy with me!!!

Have you read Scarlet? Did you love it? Or just like it? What did you think of Wolf? Of Scarlet? OF THORNE????? *All love, I’m sure*

Please, go crazy! 

As usual it’s a total recommend from me!! This whole series is.

I can’t wait to fangirl about Cress next time.

That is going to be EPIC.

Happy reading!

~ Rendz




Hinder Review

Greetings readers!

I will be super honest: the cover on this one had me clicking request before I actually read the synopsis. o_o I mean it is purple and pretty and definitely magical! So isn’t it reasonable to think that the story will be equally as magical and pretty.

Well…it wasn’t too far off.

Definitely magical. And a whole lot of emphasis on this word “pretty”.

Hinder by Kristin Ping


via Goodreads

Ethan Sutcliff seems like a normal seventeen-year-old—at least that’s what he’s trying to portray. In a secret society run by the Supernaturals, Ethan is what witches call a Bender. Benders are Witches’ Guardians, who are able to control a witches’ ability, bend it, or move it away from harming humans. In Ethan’s case, he is able to bend the Earth element. But at the age of fifteen, he lost all connection to it, and the reasons behind it could only mean one of two things: His Wielder is either dead, or hiding out somewhere.

Alex Burgendorf has been living in her aunt’s locket for the past sixteen years with her mother—a Fire Wielder, and her father—a Water Wielder. For sixteen years, her parents vowed to protect her, and they have, as she is the last Earth wielding witch. However, time is running out. Alex must find her Bender, or the fate of the Supernaturals might be at stake.

*I was provided a free copy via Net Galley and the Publisher, but all opinions are my own*

Umm so yeah. I was expecting a lot of magic from this book. I mean elemental magic! YES. Two people having to work side by side to make it work. Yes. Their journey to finding each other and making it work. Heck yeah. A book full of teenager angst and petty characters. No……….. Well they weren’t all that petty, but they were truly vain.

What I Liked

Characters I Sort of Liked

Alex: She annoyed me only for 40% of this book. After living in a locket for sixteen years, with only her family as company, you’d think she would be a little more socially awkward. Not in this case. Yes, she went through some embarrassing stuff but that’s not what bothered me. Since she was so drop dead gorgeous, her family made her go under a glamour to keep the bad guys away and other reasons which I will discuss later. Her new face was very unattractive in many people’s eyes and adopted a sick nick name. And while she tried to stick up for herself, she agreed with people. She was, despite her many attempts to not be, vain. Vain. Vain. Petty and vain. Not always thinking things through. Another thing that made me want to shake her!!! But other than that, she was okay. Nothing spectacular in my eyes.

Ariel: The epitome of cool aunt! She was more of a sister to Alex and I liked that she helped navigate Alex in her journey.

Bender and Wielder Magic Dynamic: One of my highlights of this novel was definitely the magic. Elemental! HOORAY! I love elemental magic! In this book, magic is controlled in pairs! You have the source or “wielder”, who can conjure the magic and the doer or “bender” who can control and do all the wicked tricks! So I really liked that part! I also liked the story behind the villains and that there was mention of other types of magical beings!!! The magic just really made this book for me.

Humour: You hook me, if you can write something funny. This had some very funny scenes a lot of them held innuendos about–you know–*things*. But I liked that I found myself laughing or cringing from second hand embarrassment! And there was quite a bit!

What I Disliked

Ethan: From chapter 2, I thought he was an a**whole. He is the jock/golden boy/suavesmoothtalker/everygirlsdream *rolls eyes*. Plus he has a tendency to associate animals with girls as soon as he sees them. Total turn off. He even admits to the wrongness of it, but continues to do it anyways. Just no. As the novel goes on he becomes *less* shallow by like a millimetre. But he just didn’t cut it for me. I found him rather selfish, kind of irritating and…….umm just a big nope.

The Over-Powering Romantic Plot: So this is what really brought down the book for me. It didn’t help that I didn’t like one half of the ship. The catch with the whole Bender/Wielder thing is that they cannot fall in love because then a whole bunch of bad stuff will happen and they will become the bad guys or die. The bigger issue in these characters case is that they are so drop-dead gorgeous that resisting each other makes up the plot of most of this book. *Hence the ugly glamour*

O_O Okay.

I could have worked with this had there been less emphasis on the drop dead gorgeous looks. While I like to think that teenagers go for more than just looks, I know that I’m talking about a very small demographic of teenagers. To be honest, a lot of the decisions we make are based on appearance. It’s a sad, but true fact. This book showcased that fact a lot, in my opinion.

The Lack of Action: There was action and it could have been so much cooler had the magic been focused on more than the romance! I liked the action, but it sadly over-shadowed!

Overall, I thought it was okay. The ending was fine, it did leave some room open for a sequel, but I have no clue if there will actually be one! I would be interested in reading it though! The author did mention that there would be separate series that follow the other kinds of magical beings mentioned in this story so I am definitely up for that!

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

Recommend: Like the romance genre, but want to try a little magic?! Then this one is for you!

Let me know what you guys think! Do you mind when the romance over shadows the rest of the story? I feel like it kind of kills the anticipation of cute moments!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


The Last of August Review

Greetings readers!

Confession time. I have this thing for Sherlock Holmes retellings or anything to do with the mysteries of Holmes.

Bigger confession: I have never read a real Sherlock Holmes book or watched the various TV and movie adaptations.


So, I really do not know where this fascination stems from. It just is as it is. Thus, when I stumbled upon a gender-bent Sherlock last year in Brittany Cavallaro’s  A Study in Charlotte I knew I would immediately get hooked!

And I was hooked!

Revisiting the beloved characters of Charlotte and Jamie came in the sequel The Last of August!

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2)

via Goodreads

Watson and Holmes: A match made in disaster.

Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are looking for a winter-break reprieve after a fall semester that almost got them killed. But Charlotte isn’t the only Holmes with secrets, and the mood at her family’s Sussex estate is palpably tense. On top of everything else, Holmes and Watson could be becoming morethan friends—but still, the darkness in Charlotte’s past is a wall between them.

A distraction arises soon enough, because Charlotte’s beloved uncle Leander goes missing from the estate—after being oddly private about his latest assignment in a German art forgery ring. The game is afoot once again, and Charlotte is single-minded in her pursuit.

Their first stop? Berlin. Their first contact? August Moriarty (formerly Charlotte’s obsession, currently believed by most to be dead), whose powerful family has been ripping off famous paintings for the last hundred years. But as they follow the gritty underground scene in Berlin to glittering art houses in Prague, Holmes and Watson begin to realize that this is a much more complicated case than a disappearance. Much more dangerous, too.

What they learn might change everything they know about their families, themselves, and each other.

I waited a whole year to read this sequel and then made myself wait a little more because I forgot about it! When I saw it at the library, I snatched it up! I loved the first book so my expectations for the second one were quite high!

What I Liked


Jamie – Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jamie! Sweet, sweet, sweet Watson! I love this guy too much! He is the best narrator for this book! Funny, quirky and so utterly confused! It would be really hard to live and be around people like Holmes, who are walk around know-it-alls (and I mean that in the nicest way possible!) Yet, despite all the moments he feels like he is so out of place, he understands that he has a purpose in this group and that he can work with them even if he doesn’t know all the hacks and tricks of a good detective!

Charlotte – Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Charlotte! How lovely and mysterious you are! She is also rather funny, she just doesn’t know it! She is très, très INTELLIGENTE! Also, mysterious, closed off and a survivor of something so horrific. I adore Charlotte and all her detective work! I adore her ability to keep moving forward despite so many difficult obstacles! Plus, I love it when she narrates those two chapters because she is so blunt and fun!

August – Even though I thought he was coming in to make a triangle, I think he is an interesting character. He definitely brought up a lot of questions about Charlotte’s past and her family. He is after all a part of her family’s mortal enemy! I wish we had got to know him a little more, but then I remember that Jamie is narrating and he gets quite jealous!

Cross Europe Travelling: I loved that the characters moved around! London! Prague! Lots of new settings, with lots of places to discover! I loved the way the places were described and ventured through! I felt the chilly winter breezes and the sweet smells of all the Christmas treats! Just wow! I wish I could go to those places!

Romance: There was quite a bit of emphasis (I would say) on romance in this book. Jamie clearly has feelings for Charlotte, but understands that he cannot get to close to her because of her past. Charlotte tries a lot in this book to get comfortable again with being intimate. It is not easy and doesn’t happen within a scene. It is gradual, slow and honestly melted my heart. I ship it hardcore, but after that ending and reading the third books synopsis, things seem to be in danger!

Cover: JUST LOVE IT! Ahhh. I love that it gives away (not many) but some of the events in the book!

Mystery and Suspense: A very important element in these kind of books. I loved following Charlotte and Jamie on this new case. I always try and follow along to see if I can make any sense of what is happening or figure out the twist. BUT NOPE. I am no detective, I did not see any of those things happening. I loved their heist pulling and the auction scene was one of my favourite scenes in the book! Hilarious and fun!

What I Disliked

What the Heck Happened At The End? I Am Very Confused, Someone Please Explain This To Me: Yeah, I didn’t get it. Well, it’s not that I was completely lost, it’s more that I didn’t understand the significance and severity about what happened that keeps me from saying this book was perfect! I honestly need an explanation as to how the ending affected the characters! Send. Help.

Overall, I did enjoy this book! Not as much as the first one, but I did like it a lot! The mystery, the action…perhaps a little too much romantic tension? But I still liked it either way! I cannot wait for the final book, which comes out in March! *sweats nervously* That is so far off!!!

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Recommend: Yeah! But obviously read A Study in Charlotte first because if you don’t you’ll be more confused then I am!

Let me know what you thought of this book? Any explanations as to the ending? Any Sherlockians out there angry at me for not actually knowing anything about Sherlock? XP

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


The Princess Bride Book Tag!

Greetings readers!

Ages ago, the lovely Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews  found the tag that was made for her! The Princess Bride Book Tag. I’m sure you all know Mandy. No doubt about it! But if you’re still wondering, click on the link! Now, Mandy is a huge, HUGE fan of the Princess Bride (book, movie and all!) so I am very excited to do this post for her!



Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne.



The Lunar Chronicles! It’s not exactly the easiest journey to riches and definitely a heart-breaking one, but she does get there!


Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King, #1)

via Goodreads

Mandy has sung endless praises about this book! I am so excited to read it. Pirate stories are a fad I want to get into!!


I read this trilogy as borrowed books from the library, but when I saw the whole series on @bookoutlet I just had to get them!  The Snow Like Ashes series by @sara_raasch is definitely on my top fantasy series list!  The final paragraphs of Frost Like Night made me CRY!  That's a good sign!  What book has made you cry?  #youngadultbooks #summerreading #bookstagram #sararaasch #snowlikeashes #icelikefire #frostlikenight #reader #books #bookbuying #bookoutlethaul #epicreads

Angra! Ugh! I hated this guy sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! And what he does to Meira, Mather, Theron and the rest of the cast of characters just makes me so angry!!!!!!!


Dragons? Draaaaaaagggggggggooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


I see your singular sweet romance and you raise four (going on five) incredibly cute and feel-drowning romances!


Elias and Laia FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, CRESSWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rowan and Aelin *gags* *vomits* *shivers* Can Celaena come back so Chaol and her can be a thing again? *dodges tomatoes*


Day 28 of #marchmonthofmythology is Perseus - Character who beat the odds  This is technically a post about characterS since I'm talking about Kaz and his crew!  Aka THE DREGS  One of the best and most dangerous group of fictional characters.  Whom I would love to hang out with.  But would probably die within the first five minutes.  The best 5 minutes of my life.  My point is that THEY BEAT THE ODDS.  And they did it... BRICK BY BRICK! *Dramatic exit*  @lbardugo  Who is your favourite Dreg?  #sixofcrows #crookedkingdom #leighbardugo #dregs #soc #ck #youngadultbooks #bookaddict #bookstagram #squad #nomournersnofunerals

The one and only true answer to this.


Not your traditional revenge story, but still. Adelina wants her vengeance.


I know very few book to movie adaptations that pertain to me. And most of them I like. There is obviously the Narnia movies and books. I do love the first two movies and books equally (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & Prince Caspian) but I have to say that the Dawn Treader book is way better than the movie!

Really, I want all my books to be movies so I can watch and read them over and over again. But I don’t want Hollywood to ruin every book out there, so I’ll stick with my imagination.

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I hope you all enjoyed this tag! I know it had a lot of Lunar Chronicles answers, but I will be honest that was my goal! Answer everything with a TLC reference XD! Just kidding! Maybe next time though…..hehehehe!

Speaking of Princesses! Who is your favourite Princess? (Disney, not-Disney, Real & not-Real!)

Happy reading!

~ Rendz