Born and raised in Toronto, Rendz came to life in 2016.


Yes, you read that right! Rendz is a different person but shares many of the same interests as Real Life Rendz (who goes by another name…and is also pretty awesome) Rendz devours anything with under the YA category (especially fantasy) If a book falls under that umbrella, no questions are asked, it is thrown onto the TBR! Rendz also has an unhealthy obsession with Narnia and plans to get there someday (She does her research).

If you read anything by her, you will probably see a lot of !!! and XD. You will probably also see many misplaced commas because Rendz (nor Real Life Rendz for that matter) understands how to use one properly!

Bonus: If she falls in love with a book she pulls out her pencils and papers and paints and gets set on bringing those characters to paper (but in a more visual way)!

Rendz is a huge book worm, so really she is a book dragon. Books make the fire that fuels her soul. This is a place where she talk about books, where she would like to talk about books with you so feel free to leave a comment. There will two or three new posts up every week (at least she tries to post that often)

You can also find Rendz on other social media sites and feel free to interact with her there too! Happy reading!


Rendz also likes to talk about herself in some blog posts. She will leave them here if you want to know more about her crazy life!

The Beginning – My first blog post

The Evolution -How I started my reading journey

Favourites – Fun bookish facts about moi

P.P.S. Yeah, she likes to talk in third person.

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