Review Policy

Dear readers:

This blog will contain reviews on various books and sometimes movies that I read or watch. I will review any book I feel that I want to talk about whether it be good things or not. As a reader, I am entitled to my own opinion. These reviews will only contain my own personal views on these novels. Please take no offense if I dislike your favourite book or if I have conflicting views from yours.

I do not intend to insult or use vulgar language when I right my reviews. My goal is not to harm or degrade any author/publisher/reader. This is my space, where I can write my own thoughts.

If you wish for me to review or have any recommendations please email me through my contact page. Note, however that I have a right to pick and choose what and when I want to read books and refuse offers.

Please remember, these are my personal opinions and in no way are they any better or less than yours.

~ Rendz


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