Rating System & Requesting Reviews

Rating System

I work within the 5 star rating system, however I add in .25, .50, .75 when I feel like there are more elements that need to be expressed that are not as visual in a plain 1.0 rating.

5 Stars – Absolutely amazing, utterly perplexed. Incapacitated.  Highly recommend.

4 Stars – I really enjoyed it! There were perhaps a little blemishes here and there. Positive recommendation.

3 Stars – It was good. A few likes, a few dislikes. Recommendation is based on number of likes and dislikes.

2 Stars – I struggled with it. No recommendation.

1 Star – NO.


If you are an author or a publisher looking to request my services:

First and foremost, thank you!

Secondly, here are some guidelines when working with me:

I : The best way to contact me is through my Contact Page. Please leave your name, details about the book, a Goodreads link/synopsis is very helpful, and any other specifics. Deadlines and time limits are really important and I do try my best to meet them, but I am a university student so timelines can be a little tight. I will let you know if I can/cannot meet a date.
I usually respond within a week or two with my decision. If you do not get a response at all, that usually means “No” and I’m deep in exam season. Sorry.

II : Here is a list of my reading preferences below. I will consider many genres and types of books, but there are some I like better than others. That being said, even if the book does fall under a category I like, I can still refuse it. Taste is a fickle thing.

What I Like to Read/Review (In all Age Ranges ~ MG, *YA*, NA, Adult)

  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller (I’m a little iffy on this one)
    *Not limited to these genres*

What I Will Not Read/Review

  • Non-Fiction
  • Erotica
  • Horror
  • Your Homework (Essays, math problems….no)
    *Not limited to these genres*

III : Formats in which I accept books include:

  • Epub
  • PDFs
  • Kindle
  • Physical copies *Take note that I live in Canada*
  • No audiobooks, please.

IV : Where I post reviews. Other than my blog, I post on Goodreads, Indigo Chapters and 50 Book Pledge (If possible). I am hoping to one day post reviews on Amazon in the near future.

V : Some Do Nots are in order…

  • I don’t like everything I read. If your book receives a negative review…I’m sorry(?) Please do not email to question my views, or explain what I did not like, that’s a big no-no.
  • Please do not send your book right away. Let me have time to think on it.
  • Please do not send me an entire series or a second book in the series. The first book in a series or standalone is the best way to approach me.

Thank you again for considering Reading with Rendz as your choice of publicity, I look forward to working with you!

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