Tune & Title Tuesdays | A Tween-Rendz Anthem

Greetings readers!

I had to dig deep into my memories to find this song. I listened to it so long ago. Remember when there used to be TV channels dedicated to showing music videos, you know before YouTube really kicked off? It is on one of those channels that I discovered and listened to this song before I left for school in the morning.

Tune: White Doves – Young Empires

Truth be told, I will randomly start belting out this song and my family will look at me like I’m odd because they have never heard of it. I’m sure many of you haven’t even heard of it. I don’t even know what attracted me to this song in the first place, other than the video, which reminded me of a dystopian world. But I have to admit it is also quite catchy and I like the melody. I liked it so much that I used to think I couldn’t have a good day at school unless I listened to this song!

Title: A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna


I chose this book for a very literal sense. The song starts off with “It takes a thousand miles to reach the stars tonight” and that just perfectly wraps up this book. The song is about dreaming and finding your way back home which is exactly what this book is all about. Sibling rivalry, finding family, space and star travel, it’s all in there! The book is incredible and definitely doesn’t get enough love! I highly recommend it for people who want a gorgeously written space adventure book!

Let me know what you think! Did you used to watch music videos on TV? Do you have a favourite space book? What book does this song remind you of?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


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