Tune & Title Tuesday | A Song that goes with any book really

Greetings readers!

I must confess that the reason I chose this song is because of a meme my sister and I saw on Instagram. Neither of us even really listen to Paramore save for the rare song or two, but this one meme took over our playlists and now we both practically know all the words. Well I do.

All this to say, that I didn’t have a single clue what song I was going to do this week, but a meme came to my rescue.

Tune: Hard Times – Paramore

This is one catchy tune, I have to admit! I catch myself singing it often haha. But yes, I do like this song and I feel like it perfectly sums up that foolish melancholic feeling I get when life is just going down hill and you can’t help but hope it will get better one day. It’s a happy song about how rough life can get which is so paradoxical but I appreciate it!

Title: The Humiliations of Pipi McGee by Beth Vrabel


Like I said, this song can literally apply to any book but this book in particular is very much an exposition of this song. Pipi has something horribly embarrassing happen to her everything single year and well to say she has lived at rock bottom her entire school-life is an understatement. This book, like the song, is delightful despite the fact that it is about a girl facing some of the toughest times of her social life. It’s funny and cute but oh so cringey because my girl Pipi has suffered!

Let me know what you think! Have you listened to this song? Have you read this book? Do you have embarrassing school stories?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


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