Tune & Title Tuesdays | Celebrating a cover reveal that had me feeling all kinds of emotions!

Greetings readers!

Yesterday, while I was in the midst of writing a test a very beautiful cover was revealed to the world and we were truly blessed.

And since I love the first book so much and want everyone out there to read this series, I’m highlighting it today!

Tune: Empires – Ruelle

I heard this song in a sports commercial. Yes, a sports commercial. And surpringly enough it wasn’t too hard to google XD That being said, once I found the song I went down a Ruelle rabbit hole and found a couple other songs I liked by her too. It’s one of those songs that you can make up a cool scenario to in your head, you know what I mean? I’m sure you’ve seen the meme XD It’s that epic kind of music that you can’t help but listen to and imagine it playing in the trailer of a really big movie!

Title: Chronicles of a Bitch Queen by K.S. Villoso

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, #1) The Ikessar Falcon (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, #2)

The reason I paired this song with these books is very simple. Empires rise and fall in both. No but, seriously this song could play in the trailer for this book to movie adaptation and I would eat it up. I would eat it up regardless, but you all know what I mean. The song really captures one of the main themes of this book, but there is so much goodness to enjoy in this series! It offers so much: political intrigue, family DRAMA, dynamic and driven characters, twists and turns, revelations, incredible action scenes and more! It was AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER. I’ll leave my review for The Wolf of Oren-Yaro linked here because it just explains my thoughts better than I could now hehehe

And now the cover for book 2 is out and people!!! My heart flipped when I saw it! It flipped! I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. Look at my glorious Queen Tali brandishing her sword, poised and ready for battle. The figure behind her?? *Is a little bitch* A good-looking one, but a little bitch nonetheless. I said what I said. Read the book to know more!

Let me know what you think! What song would you choose to play in the trailer of your life movie? Have you read this book yet?!! How glorious are these covers!?!

*Link to the master list of how you can help Black Lives Matter movements and to know more about the JunkTerrorBill in the Philippines*

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


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