Re-reading My First Ever Vampire Series | The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey

Greetings readers!

The time has finally come. The time to share the story of my first ever vampire series.

I’m sure we all have that series. That book that first introduced us to vampires. The living undead that should be more horrific and less smexy than they are in the current context. For most of us readers, the first time reading about vampires might have been in Twilight. But even at a young age I broke away from convention and read a different vampire series!

The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey.

It’s not a very popular series (I think) and it’s on the older side, I think it came out circa 2009-2012, but it is my first ever vamp series!! And this past June, I decided to reread the books for fun because I felt this random urge to! Thankfully my random urges bring out fun blog posts!


Ruling Passion (Drake Chronicles, #1-3)
via Goodreads

I originally read this series a very long time ago. Let’s say around 2011. My mother took us (my older sisters and me) to the library to pick out some books we could read when we went camping later that month. Of course I ran to the MG section and lived my best life and picked out the book Storybound, which was magical and the perfect adventure read. My older sisters went off to the teen section, obviously, and picked out their own reads. I didn’t really notice what they picked.

It wasn’t until I came back from camping that I really paid attention to what they were reading. My eldest sister told me all about her vampire book that had super hotsy vampire brothers and quite quirky ladies. She also told me that it was romantic. And me + romance didn’t work in 2011. I avoided it like the plague. BUT I WANTED TO READ ABOUT VAMPIRESSSS.

So I read it. And it was something different. I’ll sum up my original thoughts in the following list.

  • The vampire bros were hot
  • I did not like the sister vampire, Solange
  • I love(d) Lucy! (See what I did there)
  • I was confused with the politics of it all
  • I swear this takes place in Canada
  • Gosh, I hate Solange
  • Which brother is my fave????
  • I kinda wanna be a vamp now too? When is Halloween coming around?

I never actually finished the series, so this is why I decided to pick them up again in June! I thought it would be fun to see if I was still as fascinated by the vamp bros and the whole scene. These books also marked a really dark moment in my life, which I won’t really get into because this is supposed to be the fun post! Let’s just say that the We Need Diverse Books campaign is a very important one, little Rendz just didn’t know it.


My Love Lies Bleeding Blood Feud Out for Blood

I didn’t really read them! I skimmed, I’ll be honest! I just didn’t have time for all of this and I’ll be honest again, I was more interested in my ships and banter bits than the whole plot…

So yes, I skimmed all 6 books of this series. I didn’t read the novellas because there were a lot and not all were relevant! And it is safe to say I had a pretty great time with them.

Each book features a different brother as the MC/LI up until the last two books. And did I mention there are 7 brothers? We don’t get to get into all their lives (sorry Duncan, Marcus and Sebastian) But with every brother comes an epic lady character (some more epic than others!) which was lots of fun to read about!

Bleeding Hearts Blood Moon Blood Prophecy


At the  bottom of this list is Solange. The youngest Drake, the prophesied one, the princess. She could have been something. But after book 1, I just could no longer tolerate her. She was so spoiled and privileged and A RATTTTTTTTTT. I can’t talk about it. I just can’t.

At the top of the list is Lucy! I loved her. I loved her personality, her ferocity, her courage, her idiocy, everything about her made her an incredibly well-rounded, fun character!

Ranking of the Brothers (Not including the eldest three we don’t get to know)

  1. Quinn (The charming, bad boy — my poison)
  2. Nicholas (A little too clingy, but sweet)
  3. Logan (He’s cute also a charmer)
  4. Conner (The nerdy sweet one!)

Ranking the Ladies

  1. Lucy (For being an Icon)
  2. Hunter (For being a badass vamp hunter)
  3. Isabeau (For being a badass wolfie vampire!)
  4. Cristabel (Kinda irrelevant but funny)
  5. Solange (trash)


You could tell this takes place in the early 2010’s (other than the fact that it’s on the timeline). You can tell that people were listening to Evanescence too. I am guilty of that. But the fashion of their dress, their old iPhones and so many other things but here are two of my highlights.

Ties over shirts. Nicholas really wore a tie over his shirt. Can you get more early 2010s fashion than a tie over a shirt! (I mean you can…but like STILL)

He made her a mix tape! AHHHH XD I died. Nicholas really, truly and honestly made Lucy a mixtape and I was crying and laughing and living my best life when I read that.

cassette tape party hard GIF by Dude Bro Party Massacre III


While it’s not the most eloquent writing style it is funny and sassy and easy to get through. It is all very fast-paced, the books aren’t too long and they have a good touch of romance (although I must say every kissing scene reads the same).

There is also an overuse of the word “yummy” in these books. Um. Yeah. I’ll let you imagine that. There just needed to be another adjective used to describe vampire hotness.

The endings were also always abrupt. Were they the best endings? No…and the last books really doesn’t do overall story plot justice, but they clean up the work nicely.


These are certainly my guilty pleasure reads. My first ever vampire series and its one that is gonna stick with me for life. I had a lot of fun skimming through them again. Of course I pointed out all of the problematic areas so I cannot say they are perfect. What I will say is that they are 100% entertaining as much as they are trashy (in the best way possible).

Let me know what you think! What was your first vampire series? Are you willing to pick up more vampire books? What is your guilty pleasure read? 

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


Flashback Fangirling | Narnia Edition // It’s a long one!

Greetings readers!

SO a while ago I did a post on how The Hunger Games created a huge fangirling phase in my life. I really liked the idea of it so I decided to put out posts about all my odd obsessions that I’ve had in my life. Trust me that there are quite a few phases in my life and all of them have weird things that I did!

And of course I had to start with the biggest obsession I have: NARNIA

I debated with myself quite a bit about posting this because well it’s kind of embarrassing. Talking about the old things (and some current ones) I used to fangirl about just bloom this squishy feeling in my stomach. It’s part embarrassment, part old feelings of intense thrill and part nostalgia. It’s a crazy mix because when I was young, I fangirled hard to the point of obsession.

This is the official inauguration of the first Flashback Fangirling!

Narnia ~ A 13+ Year Obsession (and counting)

So I am going to start obvious. I have been (and still am) obsessed with this fandom for over a decade. It all really began with the first movie because I was not a reader when I was young (the books would come later).

film love GIF

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie came out in 2005 and I was both terrified and in love. The monsters were scary, but the magic, the battles, the world was amazing and I prayed, pleaded and begged for the chance to go to Narnia.

So I looked for it. I searched every closet in every relatives house. When my family moved homes, every open house we went to had their doors opened by little Rendz. No door was left unopened. None. I even opened doors in my schools! My friends didn’t even question me because they knew what I was doing.

nolan north closet GIF

Speaking of my friends, I honestly had the best kind when I was young. I often made them play “Narnia” at recess. We would run and and scream into battle. We would fight evil witches and be friends with lions. We would have magic. Of course they got tired after a while, but I somehow managed to always make myself a Narnian-like character in whatever game we played.

the witch GIF


Making myself Narnia-like was a very serious deal for little Rendz. My mother had this lovely maxi red dress that I would often don when I was pretending to be Lucy. And since I had *some* artistic skills on my side when I was a kid, I fashioned Lucy’s silver crown out of pipe-cleaners and paper-cut flowers all painted silver. (I also made a gold version for when I played Susan)

But my arts and crafts didn’t stop at crowns. No way. I had to make the props, people. THE PROPS. There was no way my parents would ever buy me toy replicas from the movie when they came out, but little Rendz was resourceful and also very creative.

So for Susan’s bow and arrow. I painted a plastic bow I found at my local dollar store (I did have to beg my Mother to buy it). It came with suction cup arrows, but it was for the best since I am not an archer and my general aim is terrible. I never got the chance to make her horn, but one day maybe.

Lucy’s props included a little dagger and a vial with juice of the fire flower. Clearly my parents would not let me run around with a knife so I made a mini dagger out of paper toilet rolls and cardboard (this project was unfortunately never finished). I did however work really hard on the glass vial of fire flower juice. This prop was the most magical of all so clearly I had to have it. This project went through several trials, mostly because I could never get my hands on a good glass bottle. I ended up using an empty glue bottle and created the gold stopper out of a gold painted Styrofoam ball. I even dyed a little bit of water red to put inside to act at the juice of the fire flower. Yeah, I did that.

I did once attempt to make Peter’s sword and collected a lot of rolls, but I waited until Christmas to get my hands on a wrapping paper roll because they are nice and long. Unfortunately, some projects just never happen and this was one of them.

never spring best friends GIF


Stepping away from my actual role playing, as I got older I just started drawing a lot more. I have a binder full of sketches of magical forests and bridges. (I have always been a hardcore fantasy lover) I sketched of Peter, Susan, (a very terrible) Edmund and I think an unfinished Lucy. I was just getting into portraiture so of course I had to draw my favourite characters ever!

c. 2011
c. 2014
c. 2014

I even drew the movie cover. Twice. Wow Rendz, wow.

c. 2012
c. 2012

OH WOW. I 1000% promise you my artistic abilities have improved immensely.

*Also these photos are atrocious XD*


As a teenager the obsession lived on.

For a senior art project I created a cardboard sculpture of the wardrobe. It has coats in it and a lamppost and everything. It is not an exact replica, but I put in a lot of Narnian detail.




I have read the books a couple of times now, but the first and second movie are what really stick with me. I have the entire first film memorized. I know every line and will randomly just start reenacting a scene. The scene where the White Witch kills Aslan is my best performance. (Morbid, I know) I even get my sisters to memorize some lines so I don’t have to play all the parts. It is, however, to my shame that Maz knows more lines from Prince Caspian than me.

I might do a post on how I feel about the books vs. movies thing. Interesting…

the witch narnia GIF


I don’t think I do anything really obsessive anymore. I mean I am still very obsessed.

I am not one of those people to own a lot of merchandise and have 20 million copies of the books. I have one bind-up of the books. One copy of the first and second movie. Several homemade props and my imagination. I was just a kid and not owning any merch has never lessened my love for the fandom or makes my love for it any less.


So yeah. I just rambled on about all the things I used to do as a kid. I am sure I missed a couple things over the years, but this is the gist of what kind of fangirl I was in this Narnian fandom growing up. Who knows what I’ll do in the future. Frankly, I’m excited to find out.

Let me know what you think! Are you guys interested in reading about my old obsessions? I promise I’ll have more to come with a few embarrassing stories. Some are not all book related and some are just plain weird. What kind of fandoms were you obsessed with when you were younger? And of course I invite my fellow Narnians to prattle on about their fangirl/boy things they have done! Come my darlings, come!

Reaching out tilda swinton GIF

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


My Tribute Tale | How The Hunger Games Devoured Me

Greetings readers!

So I am sure we have all heard the news. The Suzanne Collins is coming out with a prequel novel to her iconic series, The Hunger Games. I was in the middle of the Raptors Victory Parade here in Toronto when the announcement went out, so I just got more excited in the moment.

I figured with the news I would share with you the story of how THG completely changed the way I read books.

the hunger games GIF

My Cousin Pushed Me To Read Them

Well she didn’t so much as push me as constantly recommend them to me every time I asked her what she was reading. I remember her telling me that the books were getting super popular because they were going to be adapted into films. This was happening when I was still in my half-liking reading phase so I didn’t pay that much attention to her. But then as I took trips to Indigo I noticed the massive piles and displays of the books and then a girl in my class started reading them so naturally I had to see if I liked them too!


And I swallowed them.

I asked my cousin to borrow her set (since she ended up buying them because the library hold line was too long.) I started book one very late in the night, but I remember being totally sucked into the first chapter.

After that I completely devoured them and read the series in just over the week. I had the time of my life. I don’t remember all the details perfectly but I know I loved each and every book.

For the record I was always #TeamPeeta.

GIF by The Hunger Games

I literally dressed like Katniss

Yeah. If you went down my search history circa 2011/2012 you would see braid tutorial after braid tutorial videos. Lots of “How to get the Katniss Look” searches. And my absolute favourite “How to make a bow and arrow from household items”. And yes I actually made one from a plastic coat hanger and skewers. The quiver was made from a paper-machéd rolled up piece of newspaper. Yup.

I bought combat boots, a leather jacket, lots of black Tees and greenish coloured jeans. Now that I think back on it, it was so, so weird. My braids never turned out that great and I wore them to school almost every day. Oh my god, RENDZ!

And you know what I told myself?! “Rendz, don’t dress up as Katniss on Halloween because that’s totes cliché” (just happily do it every other day of the year) *face meet palm*

DIY Halloween Costume: Katniss Everdeen
via Pinterest

The Movies were my LIFE

Part of the reason why I dressed like her was because of the movie. Before it even came out I watched the trailers obsessively. Meaning I would watch the commercial between shows JUST to see the movie trailer.

I watched every single cast interview I could. I googled the actors daily for any updates on the films. I grew a crush on Josh Hutcherson, which I berate myself for now endlessly.

I wore my leather jacket to the watch the first movie and yes, my hair was in the Katniss braid. I think I wore my hair braided to every movie viewing. I can’t tell you how many times I watched the first one, I just watched it a lot.

the hunger games GIF

My Memorabilia Collection and Obsession

I collected everything I could. I didn’t have money as a tween obviously so I couldn’t buy the pendant, I didn’t get the posters or any stuff like that. But newspapers and magazines were at my access. I cut out every piece I could and saved it in a folder. Remember that ill-advised crush I had on JH, yeah well most of it is about him. I don’t know what Past-Rendz was thinking but she crushed hardddd.

My sisters were very embarrassed for me and teased me endlessly about my obsession.

To quote Maz “She wore a braid everyday. Everyday. For like a year. It was more embarrassing for you than me!”

To quote Kez: “She made arrows!”


How I feel about the Prequel!

I’m excited for it! Yeah it might be a cash crab, but I am still super into it! I would love to see the early years of the games and what kind of rebellion was happening back in the day. I even heard a rumor that it could possibly be about Mags so YES I am 100% on board for this. It’s the perfect excuse to reread the series which will probably happen closer to the date of release 😉

Untitled Panem Novel (The Hunger Games, #0)

Let me know what you think! How embarrassed should I be about this past? When did you first read THG? Have you watched all the movies? Are you looking forward to the prequel?

Even more importantly…I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR #TRIBUTETALE? I would love to read a whole post on your thoughts! Feel free to use the hashtag (which I’m not sure is an entirely original) and tag me as well! 

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


An Ode to The Penderwicks | Series That Changed My Life Pt 2 // A Moment of Fangirling

Greetings readers!

For a while now, I have been considering how I was going to write this. First it took a major amount of motivation for me to sit in front of my laptop and then it took some more effort to think about what to write. It has taken me a while to find the right words to express myself in terms of this series. There is so much about it that I want to say and yet I am at a loss for words when I start. So pardon me, if this post is a mess of rambling, I love these books too much to not talk about them, and I hope that with this post someone else decides to give it a shot too.

The Penderwicks At Last by Jeanne Birdsall  Today is my Blog Tour stop for this amazing book! I completely and utterly adore this series. It has everything I've ever wanted! Sisterhood! Humour! Dogs! Heartbreak! And adventure!!! Be sure to click the link in my bio to read my blog post and enter to win a copy! (US only)  Any Penderwick fans out there? What is your favourite Children's book?  #thependerwicksatlast #bookstagram #jeannebirdsall #mgbooks #childrensbooks #kidlit

How The Penderwicks Found Me:

A very long time ago, when little Rendz was in the third grade, she hated reading. Perhaps it was because she not really good at it, or she preferred to spend her time drawing, inventing and dreaming. But school demanded that Rendz read, so she read and she never came to like it. She even tried out The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! Her favourite movie as a book! Unfortunately, it was the movie-tie-in addition…so she just looked at the pictures.

Rendz clearly had a problem. Her teacher noticed.

Come the end of the school year, Rendz had not read more than 2 chapter books, that which was required of her. Her teacher, Mr. M, was cleaning out a drawer of books he had collected over the years. Many of them were yellowed, a little torn and bent. Being the excellent teacher that Mr. M was, he gave each one of his students a book that he thought they would enjoy.

When he called out to Rendz and she approached his desk, she noticed–and would never forget–the knowing smile on his face. He told her, “I want you to take this, Rendz. I want you to read it this summer and next year, when you see me in the halls, I want you tell me what you think. I have a feeling you will like this.”

Rendz took that book and studied the cover. It was a little yellow, bent in one corner and looked as though someone stabbed at it with a fork in another corner. And it had a big gold circle covering the cover art.

She did not read it that summer. Nor the next. Nor the next. And Mr. M forgot to ask her about it.

Fast forward 4 years…

It’s fall and Rendz is bored out of her mind. There was nothing on T.V. She was in no mood to draw and it was too wet to leave the house. Her mom, promptly told her to pick up a book if she was that bored.

So Rendz went to her shelf and saw nothing of interest. But there was one book, slightly sticking out. It had a white cover with a gold circle covering the art. She picked up The Penderwicks and remembered her conversation with Mr. M all those years ago. While Rendz was a bigger reader now than she was back then, she still wasn’t sure that this book would entertain her.

Still, she opened the book and read.

And fell in love

Fast Forward Another two or three years…

Rendz discovers that The Penderwicks has two published sequels out in the world! She finds them in a bookstore and proceeds to gobble them up at home.

Fast Forward a Week…

Rendz discovers she still has to wait 6 months for the fourth book!

Fast Forward 7 Months…

Rendz is left emotionally charged and utterly elated from reading The Penderwicks in Spring. And is then devastated when she realizes she is going to have to wait 3 years for the final book.

Fast Forward 3 Years…

Rendz has gone through the emotional trials of rereading the first four books to prepare herself for the final instalment.

Fast Forward One Day…

She finished. Rendz sits on her bed. Clutching all five books to her chest. Crying silent tears whilst smiling like a fool.

This was ten years in the making, people. Ten years. 

So it took ten years for me to get to where I am today with these books. But the question of how they changed my life does not come with an easy answer. I love this series for so many reasons, and while they might not be totally life altering, it had a heck of an impression on me.

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (The Penderwicks #1)

Okay in my little third grade defense, what kid is going to want to read a book with a title THAT long.

Anyways, this book means everything to me. It has the sisterhood relationships that I experienced with my own two older sisters. It has adventure. It has mischief. It has love. It has loss. It has no magic, but it feels like magic to me! It even has those punches of second hand embarrassment that I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to in some way.

The characters are AMAZING. Each Penderwick sister has a distinct personality. They have their quirks, their flaws and their dreams. Even their dog has a personality which shines through and gives me a chuckle. Rosalind, Skye, Jane and Batty are so different but share a painful past, yet they are one loving, big, funny family. And I cannot forget the honorary Penderwick, Jefferey. Who’s life is completely transformed by his encounter with the Penderwicks.

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street

The sequel starts off with the most heart-breaking prologue.

I cry and sob for a good ten minutes after I read it. This one really explored their painful past, the sisters’ relationships with their father and the idea of expanding the family.

Mr. Penderwick is literally the greatest. (No offense, Dad) He is so kind, intuitive and down right funny. He is not perfect, but so darn close. My heart. MY HEART.

This one is also chalked full of the Penderwick personalities. Rosalind is a little moody, with reason, but I still adore her. Skye and Jane are probably the best duo of this book. Then Batty and Hound are just…SODARNCUTEIWANTTOGIVETHEMSUCHABIGHUG!!!!

This one makes me tear up from sadness, laughter and just pure joy.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette (The Penderwicks, #3)

This one is still of my fave despite it not featuring Rosalind, the eldest Penderwick. It still is incredibly funny and adventurous. Skye takes a shining position in this book as she is burdened with such heavy responsibilities.

Jefferey goes through another life changing event. When you read it, you might think it to be very unlikely to happen in real life, but this is fiction, people!

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this one. I cry. I laugh. I revel in the magic of this book.

The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks in Spring (The Penderwicks, #4)

This one just makes me sob.

I can’t even write about it without tearing up. I am literally in tears right now. This one really pulls on the heart strings. Just yanks them out. It is so painfully beautiful.

The older three Penderwicks are now well into their teens, so this is Batty’s time to shine. And shine does she. My precious Batty.

Alongside her is Ben, one of the new Penderwick additions and Lydia, the newest of the new.

I don’t know what to say other than that this book is incredibly sad, but so so so uplifting. I make no sense.

The Penderwicks at Last by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks at Last (The Penderwicks, #5)

The end of an era. Starring Lydia, with cameos of the older Penderwick sisters. While I missed reading from the perspectives of the original four sisters, I still loved Lydia’s adventure. She was fun and quirky and her journey is definitely one I enjoyed. But the best part of this book was the nostalgia. Going back to book 1’s setting. Seeing all the sisters grown up. Reading about the wedding. I felt like a proud mom and I 10000% teared up!


And of course this one has its fair share of sad and tender moments, that just rip your heart out and gently patch it back up.

The Short Version:

I absolutely adore these books.

They have just the right amount of humour, sadness, craziness and love that you need in your life. Whether or not you have siblings, I guarantee you can find something to relate to in this book.

These books simply make me happy, and sometimes that’s all I really need.

It has been quite a ten year journey.

Let me know what you think! WHO HAS READ THE PENDERWICKS AND IS WILLING TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH ME? What children’s books do you love to read over and over again? What book makes you simply happy?

Happy, happy reading!

~ Rendz

One Lovely Blogger Award

Greetings readers!

AGES UPON AGES AGO…I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by two amazing bloggers! Well at least I think there were only two…I have a feeling someone else may have nominated me for this award too and I forgot to jot down their name….or it could be my ego wanting to be flattered more! 🙃

If you did tag me and for some reason I didn’t get the pingback or I missed your name…I’m so sorry! I still really appreciate you…whoever you are! 🙃🙃



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HUGE THANKS GO OUT TO ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS AND BEST BLOGGER FRIENDS (BBF) Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews. Mandy has such an amazing blog, with amazing reviews, funny tags and other bookishly fantastic posts you should all go explore! ALSO A HUGE THANKS TO Bella @ Bella Blogs Because Books! Bella also has such an amazing blog, I love her reviews and you must all go check her out!!


1.) I started this blog in August of 2016 and honestly did not think I would make it past September. I tend to start things that I know I will not finish BUT working with books. Reading them. Writing about them. TALKING about them with other people is the best thing that I have ever done. I love it, so why stop?

2.) None of my close friends or family know about this blog. I have only told my two older sisters and one friend (who never asked me about it afterwards…so I guess she was not that interested). I don’t really think it would interest them if I talked about it! Plus…my parents would freak about my safety over the internet! Which I do sometimes because this world is honestly crazy.

3.) I don’t book shop online too much because I try to keep my book purchases to a minimum in the eyes of my parents. Having the book arrive at my door or my parents catching the bill would equal ☠☠☠ Meaning, I miss out on a lot of good deals and pre-order stuff never happens here! *cries*

4.) You should all know by now that I am terrible at keeping up with my TBR. I set the bar so high and I miss it every month! It gets so frustrating, but I’m getting better in at squeezing in some more time! (In other words I’m losing sleep!)

5.) My bookshelf has no real system of organization and it bothers me, but I’m too lazy to change it. I have my Marissa Meyer/Narnia shelf at the top and the rest of it is just a mess!

6.) I watch a lot of BookTube! My favourite is Regan from PeruseProject! We are literally best friends…she just does not know it. *not to sound creepy* I mean we like all the same books and I get all my recommendations from her! 🙃

7.) I am dedicating July as my re-read month! More news to come about this event in the coming weeks or so…😉

I Tag…

I feel like everyone has already been nominated for this! I mean you are all such amazing and lovely bloggers! I tag you all! Please do it on my behalf if you have not been nominated yet! Consider yourself a nominee as of now, by me!

Hope you enjoyed these 7 odd facts about me…that are not all that interesting but fun to share!

~ Rendz


The Unique Blogger Award

Greetings readers!

I was nominated by two amazing bookish people for this oh-so fabulous bookish award! Thank you Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews, I think you’re amazing! I love every one of your posts. People, do yourself a favour and check out her blog! Then there is Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional. I have just recently been acquainted with her, but from the little time I have known her she is amazing and you should all go pay her a visit as well!

Thank you again both of you! I don’t know what makes me unique, but thank you for allowing me to celebrate it!



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Mandy’s Questions

1.) What was the last song that made you want to dance? And did you actually dance or is dancing a D: face thing?

Chantaje – Shakira ft Maluma & Rabiosa – Shakira (An old song, I know…but I’ve been listening to it again)

😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳

I am no dancer. I cannot dance like Shakira. My hips don’t lie when they say they cannot move. I try to dance, but I guess I do a lot more face dancing!

A lot of this…

Shakira music video shakira maluma chantaje GIF
None of this…

Shakira music video shakira maluma chantaje GIF
2.) Do you believe in one true love (the Disney Princesses would be so proud of you if you did)?

I like to think so. I like to think that there is one person out there I am destined to be with for the rest of my life. It is kind of scary to think about it. I mean one person out of billions? Will I find them? Will I know? Will I accidentally think someone else is the one..when they are actually not?

But I guess that’s the point of the one true love. You will find them and you will just know!

3.) What is your go-to snack food? And do you ever eat it while you’re reading?


I cannot eat chips while I read. I am a messy eater and I KNOW I will get crumbs between the pages or oil stains on them!

 food king of the hill chips bobby GIF
Nadwa’s Questions

1.) What’s a book or a series you’d want everyone to read?

This is a list! But I’ll go with my current recommendation that I throw at everybody.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The perfect sci-fi adventure with a classic fairy tale twist! Or vice versa!


2.)Do you have a reading-related pet peeve?

Doggy-eared pages hurt my soul! Also, changing covers mid-series. I recently jut got the hardcover of Rebel of the Sands…but the US/Canada covers changed for the rest of the series…so I’ll have mismatching books which again, hurts my soul.

24934065 Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands, #2)

*via Goodreads*

3.) What’s a popular book you hate?

*Dramatic pause. Deep breathe. Sinister smile*


Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)
via Goodreads

Honestly, I really liked the first three books in this series. I really enjoyed Celaena’s character. She was sassy, strong and within her depths had a sense of morality and humility. Then this book rolled around and just..blah! Everyone took a 360 and Maas threw out everything I cherished about this series through the window. And for those of you who think I am just upset that Chaolaena is not a thing anymore…please, that is just one reason. There is also, the cringe-worthy Rowan character, who should have been her close friend not mate. Then there is Aelin’s new self-righteousness (yup…humility is gone), there is also the fact that every single character has to lhave romantic feelings towards her. BLAH. The fact that Rowaelin took up 50% of this book. Also, the fact that Chaol is painted as a bad guy for speaking his mind and not having any supernatural powers. The only reason I continue this series is for the side characters. I love Manon and cannot wait to see where she takes me. I love Chaol and Dorian and I want to see them reunited as brothers.

End of rant. Don’t hate me. Just remember how much Rowaelin I have to deal with in Empire of Storms 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷


Bella Blogs Because Books

Dusk Angel Reads


Closet Readers

Maya @ Maya Hearts Books

*You don’t have to do it again*

My Questions

  1. What was the last book you bought? Have you read it yet?
  2. Do you wait until the entire series is out to read it or do you just read them as they come?
  3. Do you own a well-loved book? (One with a lot of damage to it?)

Thank you once again for nominating me Nadwa and Mandy! I really appreciate it and I hope my nominees enjoy answering my questions!

~ Rendz







My Signed Books Collection!

Greetings readers!

I am finally on my March break (Spring break) and it feels glorious to know that I will be away from that wretched school of mine! Joking…it’s not wretched…well only slightly! So, one day I had a mini conversation that inspired this post with a special blogger friend, Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews . You should all go check her out because she has an amazing blog, with amazing reviews and is just generally awesome! (<3 you Mandy!)

Now since this post idea was inspired by Mandy, I felt it necessary to create it and make her feel jealous! Mwahaha! Just kidding! I won’t make you too jealous…maybe. Today I shall be sharing with you all the books I have signed in my collection. I have acquired these books over the past year, from June of 2016 to today. I hold all signed books close to my heart because the author took the time to dedicate their book to me and sometimes I see them physically touch and sign my book, so I fangirl like crazy! *That does not sound creepy whatsoever!*

Let’s start with the first signing I ever went to!

It wasn’t really a signing but more of an event for Romance writers that the public could attend…if they payed the ticket fee. I knew Morgan Rhodes was going to be there, so I had to go and dragged my sister along. It was the first time I ever met Morgan Rhodes (or an author for that matter) and even though I only talked to her for a few minutes it was one of the best moments ever! *I was internally fangirling and blushing like crazy…I was that nervous*

  1. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
  2. A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes

In June, I went to another signing featuring Morgan Rhodes, E.K. Johnston and Teresa Toten. I only had books for Morgan to sign that day, but it was so wonderful seeing and listening to the other authors as well.

  1.  Rebel Spring  by Morgan Rodes
  2. Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes

In August, I was lucky enough to attend the Indigo Teen Fall Preview Event hosted  by my local bookstore Chapters Indigo. Surprisingly, E.K. Johnston joined our meeting and I was able to get an ARC of Spindle signed! (It is the companion to A Thousand Nights…you should definitely read it!)

  1. Spindle (ARC) by E.K. Johnston

In September, I went to the HCCFrenzy author signing featuring Lauren Oliver and Kendare Blake! You can read more about that signing in my Teen Tour Experience post! I actually had Three Dark Crowns made out to my sisters and I because we are going to buddy read it! Also, Lauren Oliver signed REPLICA twice! One signature and message on each side! So Cool!!!

  1. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare  Blake
  2. Replica (LYRA) by Lauren Oliver
  3. Replica (GEMMA) by Lauren Oliver

In October, I had the amazing opportunity to go to another signing event! Penguin Teen brought their teen tour to Brampton and so I had the chance to meet Morgan Rhodes (again 🙂 ), Catherine Egan, Kiersten White and Marie Lu! I was so incredibly happy that day, you can read more about that event in my The Lady is a Champ – Experience post!

I honestly get so giddy when I look at these books!

  1. Legend, Prodigy & Champion by Marie Lu
  2. The Young Elites, The Rose Society & The Midnight Star by Marie Lu
  3. Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

In December, I got lucky and won a giveaway for an ARC of Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves! I didn’t think it would come signed but I am so happy it did! You can read my review here!

  1. Blood Rose Rebellion  by Rosalyn Eves

In January, I got lucky again and won a signed hardcover of Poison’s Kiss by Breeana Shields. Please take a moment to admire this beautiful signature!

  1. Poison’s Kiss by Breeana Shields

Finally, in February I got lucky AGAIN! I won a signed hardcover of Frostblood by Elly Blake! (Another Canadian author YAY). I also attended the Veronica Roth signing for her Carve the Mark Tour and got the book for FREE and SIGNED! You can read more about that hilarious night in my Veronica Roth Event Experience.

  1. Frostblood by Elly Blake
  2. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

That is it for my signed books! I have a total of 18! It feels so cool when I say that. Of course, I could have had 20 if I had gone to the Leigh Bardugo and Sabaa Tahir signings the year before, BUT NO I DIDN’T AND IT IS THE BIGGEST, LARGEST, MOST MASSIVE REGRET I HAVE! *cries*

Anyways, I will be getting more signed books in the near future! I will be meeting Sarah J. Maas when she comes to my town in May for her A Court of Wings and Ruin tour. It’s time for me to jump on that bandwagon. I will be getting Crown of Midnight signed with some other books and I, of course will obsess over Chaol and his novel! Look forward for that event recap!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are feeling envious. Just kidding! Tell me about your signed books and author meetings below so I can get super jealous! Seriously, if any of you mention meeting Sabaa and Leigh I will get CRAZY jealous!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz