Tune & Title Tuesdays | If I may so bold as to call it the quinceañera anthem

Greetings readers!

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately about the year I turned 15 and today I decided to celebrate that feeling with a song that is just associated with the celebration for many people. It’s a bold assumption, but I’m pretty confident in it.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain what a quinceañera is, but if you do need a very simple explanation its basically a celebration of when a Latina turns 15 a.k.a becomes a woman. It can be a big party, a small affair, religious or not, it varies across countries and according to traditions. Some Latinx don’t even celebrate, so don’t think to presume. I don’t know the entire history of how this celebration came to be huh…definitely need to go down a google rabbit hole for that.

But anyways, today’s tune and title have a lot to do with quinces and I’m honestly very excited about it!

Tune: Tiempo de Vals – Chayanne

Isn’t it just so dramatically magical and fun! This is the song of quinceañeras! It is either the song that the birthday girl dances with her chambelanes or her dad depending on the tradition they follow. While it was not the song of my quince, you can rest assured that it was played at my party and I danced with a few of my relatives! Even when I was little and my cousins had their parties, I would blast this song and choreograph my own dance moves to it. Oof when I was in my ballet phase this song was a big spectacle in my imaginary recital!

Title: Once Upon a Quinceañera by Monica Gomez-Hira

Once Upon a Quinceañera
via Goodreads

Is it torturous to tease you with a book that won’t come out until March 2021? Yes, but I can’t help it! First of all the cover is so cute and second of all it’s a quinceañera novel!!! I haven’t read a lot of those and if you know of any more hit me up because I want to read that! This book sounds so good. Carmen is stuck in Miami with an unpaid internship, responsible for making sure her cousin’s big quince is a hit and has to work with her ex! Sounds fun and dramatic and I am here for it! Oh 2021 I am ready for you!

Let me know what you think! Have you had a quince? What song do you associate with particular events? If you had one, what was your quinceañera song?

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Happy reading!

~ Rendz

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