My New Found Love for Audiobooks | (A Second) Discussion

Greetings readers!

I feel like I’ve already done an audiobook discussion…..whatever, I am going to do one again, I have more to say!

As some of you know, towards the end of 2019 I really went down an audiobook hole. I used to claim to be unable to listen to audiobooks because I have the attention span of a bean, which is very much true. It turns out, however, that I am a better listener than I initially thought!

I wanted to discuss my experience with you today and obviously pose the same question to you all!

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What Do You Listen To?

SO. It turns out that I prefer to have romance books read to me than actually read them myself. Yup. It’s uhhh…I uh…I don’t like to think about it too much because that also indirectly means I prefer to listen to the smexy scenes and well I think that is more blush inducing than anything! However, if I take a minute to rationalize, I realize that when I listen to the romancier bits I get through it quicker then when I’m reading it and I pause every couple of words to just take a minute and analyze my life choices. This, again, has nothing to do with pro-romance readers and everything to do with me, an awkward rookie in the romance bookverse,

Apart from romance, I do have some middle grade lined up for me! So let’s see how that goes. I also am considering listening to a fantasy audiobook which I will hopefully love!

Leave your recommendations below, they are always welcome.

When Do You Listen to Audiobooks?

I found that it works out best for me when I’m commuting to and from school! I just pop in my headphones, blast the volume, and listen away. I have no fear of someone reading over my shoulder especially when I get to saucier or bloodier parts in my novels. Of course, I can’t stop myself from making faces sometimes or from holding in my smile/laughter, it’s just a natural habit of mine, and I might look a little to into my “music” to the other passengers.

I also listen to books at night before I go to bed. It’s the perfect way to relax. I don’t have to keep switching hands when one gets tired of flipping the page. I can close my eyes and am no longer reading on this tiny screen in my pitch black room slowly increasing my chances of going blind. The volume is also super soft so I’m not too worried about going deaf soon.

How Do You Listen to Audiobooks?

I’m talking speed. I always get a little intimidated when I see that the audiobook is 9-11 hours long. Like geez, I don’t have that much time on my hands. I also don’t like listening to books at normal speed because I feel like the normal pace is almost too slow for me. I prefer reading somewhere between 1.5x-1.75x faster. That way I still hear the emotion in the characters voices and they don’t sound like total chipmunks. (And also maybe because I can get through the sexy scenes a little faster…especially if I’m blushing on the bus)

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Where Do You Get Your Audiobooks From?

I have only ever gotten my audiobooks from my library’s website, Overdrive/Libby. I am super luck the Toronto Public Library has an extensive collection of digital material, and even though the wait lines can be long, there is always something to borrow in the mean time! I am curious about Audible, but I believe that is kind of like a subscription service and as a less than rich student, I think that if I am gonna spend money on books I would prefer physical copies.

Who Do You Like as Narrators?

I know this is a weird question, but hey everyone has their likes. From the couple of Christina Lauren books I’ve read, I know I prefer one of their female narrators over another and I really like the dude that they usually have, Deacon Lee or something like that. The narrator for this Toronto-set book could have been amazing if she had the right Toronto accent and it was just really cringe-y hearing her pronounce some things wrong. Everything is in the accent y’all!

That’s it for me. If I’m being totally honest sometimes I don’t know why I bother with ebooks anymore, if audiobooks are just so handy or rather not handy because all I need are headphones. I can’t say audiobooks beat having a real physical book in my hands.

Audiobooks are a whole world in the universe of reading and I am still a total noob when it comes to them, so I would love to hear your input! As always leave your recs, I’m always looking to place on hold at my library these days!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


7 thoughts on “My New Found Love for Audiobooks | (A Second) Discussion

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  1. A wonderful discussion, Rendz! I’ve honestly gotten into a bit of drought with my audiobooks. I found myself so much more enticed in music rn, and it makes me sad because audiobooks used to bring me the joy. I might have to try it before bed. It does sound quite calming and sometimes the eyestrain can be too much and get me more alert. Personally, for me, I haven’t listened to too many male narrators, so I haven’t gotten the chance to see the clear difference. I’m glad that you have found a new love, though!! Great post. πŸ™‚

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    1. Ahh droughts suck, but music is fun! I hope you are jamming out to some great tunes!
      I’ve only honestly heard 2 male narrators (and if I’m being honest most of the female narrators sound the same…) but I like hearing how guys impersonate feminine voices bc they either do a great job or yikes!! Same goes for women doing masculine voices XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, I’m glad you have been able to find new way of reading books that really works for you. I’ve never been able to get into audiobooks but I really wish I could as they would allow me to read so much more than I currently do πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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