The Bookish Feels | Books That Make Me Nostalgic // Ahhh the Good Old Days

Greetings readers!

I figured today we would take a trip down memory lane. I’ve been feeling nostalgic these past couple of weeks. Thinking about all the books that got me into reading. As some of you may already know, reading was not my #1 choice of pass time as a young child, but now all I seem to want to do is read. How times have changed.

So I figured today I would talk about some of those books that started nudging me towards my reading journey! These are are not all, but certainly some of the most important ones.

The Picture Books That Started It All

Franklin Books authored by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark

Franklin Goes to School
via Goodreads

I devoured these when I was in kindergarten. Besides the fact that our librarian would read a Franklin book every time we had Library at school. Separately, my friends and I would poor over Franklin books on our own free time. Especially the ones we didn’t recognize from the TV show (which, may I add, was also truly iconic.)

Everything and ANYTHING by Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch
via Goodreads




His books were just everything.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Why haven’t they been made into TV shows and like mini adaptations. Can you imagine?

Some of my personal favourites are Make-up Mess, Mortimor, Love You Forever, and of course THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS.

The MG Chapter Books

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones and the  Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B. Jones, #1)
via Goodreads

An Icon. Truly. I started reading Junie B. as a bet to myself. My mother was always picking of me for not reading more books, so out of pure spite, I decided to read the entire series. And y’all this is a 20+ chapter book series and you know what? Little Rendz did it!

I know there are some more recent editions that I didn’t end up ever reading, but I did get through most of them, which makes me feel quite proud!

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House, #1)
via Goodreads

Icons. Peek magical adventures. These truly fed my love for fantasy and adventure. I was always imagining myself going on these crazy adventures and it is the main reason I begged my dad for a tree house. To which he said no because we had no tree. To which I then ate and apple and buried a couple of seeds in hopes I would get a tree. Unfortunately, we moved before I ever got to see the seeds (not) grow.

But yes, these books. Amazing!

Accidentally series by Lisa Papademetriou

Accidentally Fabulous (Accidentally, #1; Candy Apple #12)
via Goodreads

SO dramatic. 100/10 I would reread them today. First of all they are Candy Apple books and if you don’t know what that is, please take the time to google this amazingly delicious collection of MG stories that are so DRAMATIC that they are frickin amazing. Tween Rendz was all over these books, given I didn’t get to read them all but seriously these books are like a peek point in my reading evolution. (I used to be all about the contemporary *shocks you all*)

My First YA reads

Legend trilogy by Marie Lu


It came in a scholastic catalogue and just, I have so many memories of eagerly anticipating my teacher bringing the box to class and opening it up and calling us to grab our books. Thank you, Ms. Z!!

Now after so many years we are getting a fourth book and I just…I am going to be so emotional. This is one of the first series I picked up out of my own violation. I am gonna be a mess when it releases so I hope you are all prepared.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


Who didn’t read these? Like? I started them after the movie announcement came out and my cousin happened to have read them and purchased her own copies. I picked them up and they literally changed my life. I had never read a book so fast, much less a series. Now whenever I look at them, I think about that time in my life. Those days where all I did was braid my hair and dream about practicing archery.


I was that kid.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

via Goodreads

This was by recommendation of one of my classmates in the seventh grade, who was a much bigger reader then me at the time. She said the book had good romance, and at my tender age of twelve years I wanted all the swoons in my books! I think it might have been too much romance for me and when I read the sequel Fire I was *shocked*. I think if I were to reread the books now I would have a much deeper appreciation for them.

Now whenever I think about this book, I get all giddy. Seventh grade was a good year and this book definitely added to some goodness.

Let me know what you think! What books make you nostalgic? Do you associate certain times in your life with certain books? What is one childhood book you would want to read again for the first time?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


26 thoughts on “The Bookish Feels | Books That Make Me Nostalgic // Ahhh the Good Old Days

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  1. I used to read horse books when I was in middle school through high school. I couldn’t take riding lessons because they were too expensive, though my mom let me take one beginners class with some allowance because I still wouldn’t shut up about the possibility even in 10th grade. I basically learned how to groom a horse and how to walk and trot.

    I read Heartland, Thoroughbred, Thoroughbred Ashleigh books, Saddle Club, etc. I also read any horse magazine I could find. Those make me remember my childhood. I have some of those books again.

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    1. Wow! That’s really interesting. I do remember seeing a lot of horse books in the library so you had a bit of a selection. I used to watch Saddle Club the show when I was little and I’ve only rid a horse once or twice in my lifetime XD
      But I did the exact same thing you did only with ballet books. My mom enrolled me in a beginners class when I was 7 and that was the beginning and the end of my ballet career XD


  2. I was an animal-oriented reader as a kid so I read all the Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels that I could get my hands on. I was also a fan of all books written by Alan Ahlberg, Dick King Smith, and Roald Dahl. Oh and any kid poetry and limericks! In terms of older Middle Grade and early YA, I’m super nostalgic for Artemis Fowl. It was the first fantasy/sci-fi series I read alongside His Dark Materials trilogy a 11/12 years old and I loved it so much. I cannot for me the life of me remember the plot but I would sit in the reading nook I made in the corner of my bedroom and devour it for hours on end. I want to re-read it at some point this year so hopefully I’ll get around to them again.

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      1. I definitely wasn’t a wild kid. I just loved anything to do with animals and veterinary science.

        I hope I can get to the re-read too. I love that comforting factor about re-reading something I read years ago. It’s one of the reasons why I re-read so much.

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  3. Awww girl this post is awesome! I also read the Franklin books a lot and loved them. My nostalgic books as a kid were the Angelina Ballerina picture books, Berenstein Bears and Arthur. I do need to seriously read the Legend trilogy and the Graceling trilogy (my husband beat me to them both lol :p)

    Liked by 1 person

      I was (am) obsessed.
      Like freakishly obsessed with the show.
      (My library didn’t stock many of the books unfortunately)
      I begged my mom to take me to ballet because of the show.
      I made myself costumes.
      Like I was in over my head crazy about this show!
      The Berstein Bears and Arthur are also icons of my childhood! Those were such good books and shows (I was a watcher more than a reader)
      AH I hope you get to your rereads of both series soon! *screams* Legend 4 is coming!!

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  4. The Paper Bag Princess. ROBERT MUNSCH. ahhhHhHhHhhhh. Okay next time I babysit I am truly going to take the child with me and force them to listen to me read a bunch of Munsch books. Because that is how you give a child the gift of culture, you’re WELCOME.

    (kids these days have picture books about how animals make babies and how meat is produced, idk, the world has changed)

    JUNIE B.!!! THE MAGIC TREEEHOUSEE. I’m screaming here. Oh gosh the nostalgia is overwhelming rn. I devouuureedd those books. My class would go to the library, I would sit and finish one and be like, “Oh, y’all are still picking something?” I learned about Pompeii with TMT! I remember to this day. They went back and were like, we need to leave and I was like omg this is horrible and yeah. 😥

    I knooow the Candy Apple books! I used to see them and know it was the COOL books. But I was like, NO, I like adventure, none of that sassy Candy Apple business.

    And then the nostalgia train ends because I read NONE of the YA books XD I read the first Hunger Games… hmm. I don’t remember why. I know I had to read it for a CEGEP class, but I don’t know if that was a re-read or not.

    Liked by 1 person


      I learned so much from TMT. I learned how to correct my breast-stroke with those books lol

      I used to just want the drama in my books, Sha. I needed the sass and then as i got older all I wanted was the adventure.

      Well I’m glad I at least got to hit you with some MG and Kidlit nostalgia if not any YA. I’m curious to know what your first YA read was tho?

      Liked by 1 person


        Who really needs teachers anyway. Skip school read books.

        Sass is really important, I understand.

        Uhhhh, I have no clue. I vividly remember allll the middle G. In seventh grade I was still working on that MG love. *squints* A lot of Series of Unfortunate Events, Rick Riordan, Dear Canada. The first YA I can actually remember is Twilight innnnn eight grade maybe? Or still seventh. Everyone was reading it and I was like, um, excuse me, I’M the book lover here? No one can read something I haven’t. So I read. (and i liked it okay.) (not anymore) OH. Around that time I also read a lot of L.J. Smith and Christopher Pike, there we go. That is my first YA. I FINALLY RECALLLL.

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      2. hoooo Dear Canada books. My mom made me read those after she read them XD
        What happened with you and Twilight happened with me and the Hunger Games, only I still like the books.
        It’s good to know your journey to YA, thanks for sharing!

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  5. Omg, this was so much fun, Rendz. I loved taking a trip down memory lane. I loved Junie B, too! Omigosh, it was allllllllllllll the greatness. I loved her sass and how she was always getting into trouble. Those books were so great.Magic Tree was amazing toooooooo. I always remember the Titanic one. And those Scholastic orders were the bestttttttttttttt. Wonderful post, Rendz!! ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The amount of nostalgia that I built up writing this post was REAL. Like I just wanted to drop everything and reread all my faves! I’m so glad we share some common kiddie reads! Imagine baby-Rendz and baby-Mandy picking up books that would eventually lead them to love reading and love blogging and finding each other ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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