Let’s Be Honest, I’m Never Gonna Read These Books!

Greetings readers!

Recently, I have been staring at my shelves and have come to startling conclusion. I have so many books that I am just never going to read. I spent money on books THAT I AM NEVER GOING TO READ. So naturally I berate myself for being not very smarticle-particle about some of my previous financial endeavours. That is to say, I am not necessarily unhauling these books…but it is probably a sign that I should unhaul them. We shall see what future me decides.

Now I’m mainly gonna talk about books on my shelves since I know if I scroll through Goodreads…this list will get too long!

It’s time to face the truth….

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Carve the Mark (Carve the Mark, #1)

No interest to read it. At least I didn’t spend money on it. I actually got to meet Veronica when she came to Toronto for her tour and my friend won a contest so she added me as her plus one. But I honestly didn’t want to read it from the start so…………………………….probably not gonna happen. And it’s personalized to me…oops

The Orphan Queen and The Mirror King by Jodie Meadows

The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)  The Mirror King (The Orphan Queen, #2)

What an absolute mistake in buying the second book. I thought book 1 was okay (so ha! I did read one of these at least) and immediately after book 2 came out, I decided to buy it. But it has been sitting on my shelf, unread, collecting dust for more than two years??? Bad financial decision. And I don’t remember much from book one anyways so that would mean a reread and I just do not have the time or energy for it…ugh what have I done! *face palm*

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1)

Let’s be honest. I hold a grudge against this book because I chose to buy it over Cinder. And well we all know what happened after that, don’t we. I am probably never gonna read it and I still feel so dumb for buying it! I haven’t even watched the movie and the sole reason why I chose this book over Cinder was for the epic movie tie-in cover. I don’t know what past-Rendz was thinking.

ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas (And future SJM works)


People, it’s not going to happen. And I feel so dumb for spending money on them too.


I have just lost all interest in it. Okay…maybe not all the interest, but I am over the hype. I am over it. I don’t even think your precious Rhysand would make it on to my lists because I am a petty bich and let’s just say SJM and I don’t have a good history with shipping ships. (See my thoughts on her ToG series) Kingdom of Ash will probably be the last book I read by her (oh wait no, I have to read Catwoman)…so I don’t know. Maybe I will read these, but I don’t want to right now!

Don’t come for me in the comments, I know how much you guys adore this series and hey that’s awesome…I just personally am losing interest fast.

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

harry potter GIF

It’s never gonna happen. Don’t even try to hold out hope for me! Sorry! Just, nope!

These are just a couple of the books I found. There are a lot of contemporaries on my shelf, and not the cute fluffy romance kind (which are the ones I go for), so those will probably be unhauled soon. I am trying to not be such a hoarder, I have issues okay!! I emotionally attach myself to all these books, even the unread ones. It’s really hard to let go. Especially when I spent money on them!

Let me know what you think? What books are you never going to read? Do you think I am making a mistake with any of these? (Cue the ACOTAR and HP hoard of comments) What do you do with books you unhaul? Sell them? Trade them? Donate them?

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I will not be as active in the next coming weeks! It’s exam time and I am in crunch mode! I wish you all the best, I shall see you mid-December!!!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


Perfect Picture Books to get this Holiday Season from Tundra Books! | A Double Dose of Anne & a Magical Secret!

Greetings readers!

I’m coming to you today with a extra adorable post, seriously I can’t think of a better word to describe these three books other than A D O R A B L E!!

With the holidays coming up, it is definitely time that you start thinking about presents. Obviously if you are a bookworm the #1 item on your wish list will be books! But what about that little reader in your life? The one that is still a fan of seeing more pictures than words? Well luckily I have three great recs for you right here!

I would like to send an enormous thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me these three books! They had such great books on their Holiday catalogue, but I am so happy with the ones I ended up choosing!

Anne Arrives: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables adapted by Kallie George, illustrated by Abigail Halpin

Anne Arrives: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

Publisher: Tundra Books
Pub Date: Sept 25, 2018
Price: $16.99 CAD
ISBN: 9781770499300



The charming first book in a new early-reader series, starring the spirited — and outspoken — Anne Shirley as she first arrives at Green Gables.

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert need help on their farm, so they’ve adopted what they hope will be a sturdy, helpful boy. Instead, Matthew finds Anne awaiting him at the train station — imaginative, brash, redheaded Anne-with-an-e. With her place at the Cuthberts’ at risk — particularly if nosy neighbor Mrs. Lynde has anything to say about it — Anne will have to learn patience, understanding and what it takes to make Green Gables her true home.

Lovingly adapted by Kallie George with beautiful, nostalgic illustrations by Abigail Halpin, Anne Arrives is perfect for new fans of Anne and old.

This book is really great if you want to push the novel on your young readers! It focuses on telling the story of when Anne first arrives to Avonlea. George covers all the important bits, from Mrs. Rachel Lynde’s nosy wanderings, to Anne’s long conversation with a silent Matthew, Marilla’s final decision to let Anne stay and all the mishaps and crazy things that happen in between. I loved how George was able to compact everything that happened within those first few chapters into a single chapter book with pages that don’t hold more than three sentences! And I loved the illustrations! Halpin did an amazing job of depicting the scenery of Avonlea and the expressions of all the characters, especially Anne who has so much spirit! It truly is a gem of a book! I am positive that once your little reader hears this story they will want to know what happens after! What new adventures this little red-headed spirit has and what kind of trouble she gets herself into!

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars!

Recommend: Great way to introduce Anne to kids!

Goodnight, Anne by Kallie George, illustrated by Genevieve Godbout

Goodnight, Anne

Publisher: Tundra Books
Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 2018
Price: $21.99 CAD
ISBN: 9781770499263



A beautiful bedtime picture book based on the best-selling Anne of Green Gables, introducing the irrepressible and beloved Anne to younger readers. It’s time for Anne to go to bed, but not before she wishes goodnight to everyone and everything she loves!

Under the watchful eye of her adoptive mother Marilla, Anne has come to cherish life at Green Gables — the dearest, loveliest spot in the world, and her true home. Every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of all the people and places she loves: her family, her bosom friend Diana, her splendid teacher Miss Stacy, beloved tree Snow Queen, the Lake of Shining Waters and the brilliant sky above. Anne even wishes goodnight — or good riddance! — to pesky classmate Gilbert and nosy neighbor Mrs. Lynde. And through it all, Anne’s imagination takes flight on a whimsical journey through Avonlea.

This sweet and heartfelt picture book is a perfect read-aloud introduction to L.M. Montgomery’s beloved Anne and will delight her brand-new fans and lifelong readers alike.

This was utterly perfect. If I were still a child, asking my mom for bedtime stories, I would definitely ask for this one repeatedly! I want to start off by talking about the illustrations because they were literally had my jaw on the floor since I set my eyes on the cover. I know they look very simplistic, but that is exactly what makes them so beautiful. I loved the use of colour and contrast, they really made the images on the page stand out. I also really love the visual texture, it looks like the drawings were made through crayon and it just added this softness and whimsy to the story. Now the actually story itself is quite fun! George was able to capture Anne’s voice and make it part of her own story. She brings up a lot of people and places that are so important to Anne which I loved seeing. I especially loved her page on Gilbert and Mrs. Lynde! The ending of the story was very sweet and I’m sure your young ones will be having beautiful dreams after reading this!

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars!

Recommend: For the sleepy, kindred spirits!

The Magician’s Secret by Zazhary Hyman, illustrated by Joe Bluhm

The Magician's Secret

Publisher: Tundra Books
Pub Date: April 3rd, 2018
Price: $21.99 CAD
ISBN: 9781770498945



This action-adventure picture book featuring a grandfather and grandson duo celebrates the power of imagination and the magic of make believe.

Charlie loves when Grandpa comes to babysit because he always brings his magical imagination. Grandpa was a magician who knows the most amazing tricks; he can pull a rabbit from a hat and make a coin disappear. But what Charlie loves most are his wonderful adventure stories, and they all begin with something his grandfather has saved in his Magic Story Chest. An hourglass is a reminder of how he defended the treasure in King Tut’s tomb from raiders. A long white scarf inspires the story about Grandpa’s dogfight with the notorious Red Baron, the great First World War fighter pilot. A coconut shell heralds the story about his encounter with a nasty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Charlie’s parents, though, aren’t too sure they like Grandpa’s stories and warn Charlie that they’re just “tall tales.” What is Charlie to believe? How can his grandpa convince him that all you need to do is believe and a dream can be turned into something real?

Have I repeated the word “adorable” to much?? Well I have to use it again. This story was fantastically, and magically adorable. This was a superb adventure story filled with fun, family and imagination. Charlie and his grandpa were so charismatic. Every tale that was told held a lot of fun, lots of action and suspense, and even a little magic. I loved that Charlie talked about his grandfather with wonder in his voice and awe in his eyes, he was truly a curious soul! As for the grandpa, he was quite the adventurer and I love how he acted a little kid-like too. The overall messages that the story sends are really important too. The need to let kids dream and imagine is so important, but the parallel message of having adults that can dream, imagine and support their kids too is just as equally as important. Again, the illustrations had my jaw on the floor. The colour, the detail…THE DETAIL. Wow! I stared at each page for a while, there were so many things to pick up on! Overall, this story was sweet, fun and I’m sure one that all kids will enjoy!

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars!

Recommend: Perfect for the curious kid souls!

Let me know what you think! Have you read any of these? Are you a fan of Anne? Are you looking to pick up some picture books for the little readers in your life? What is one book you would love to see as a picture book?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz

Empire of Sand | Review // This book was…it was…*incoherent gushing noises*

Greetings readers!

I really should be doing other work right now, but I am tired. I just finished my last midterm, printed my last assignment (for like the next five days at least) and I need a respite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here I am in my favourite place. 🙂

Sometimes you just know when you are gonna click with a book. Sometimes it only takes the first page to really get you going. That inkling of a feeling that settles in you as soon as you start reading. The instant connection. That spark. WELL THIS BOOK HAD IT OMG. My very first Goodreads update was that this book was going to be a RENDZ™ book and boy oh boy was it!

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

Empire of Sand

Publisher: Orbit
Pub Date: Nov 13, 2018
Price: $20.99 CAD
ISBN: 9780316449717

A nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood. An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods. Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri’s captivating, Mughal India-inspired debut fantasy.

The Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits, they are coveted and persecuted throughout the Empire for the power in their blood. Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember, but whose face and magic she has inherited.

When Mehr’s power comes to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, she must use every ounce of will, subtlety, and power she possesses to resist their cruel agenda.

Should she fail, the gods themselves may awaken seeking vengeance…

Empire of Sand is a lush, dazzling fantasy novel perfect for readers of City of Brass and The Wrath & the Dawn.


Chapters Indigo | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

*Many thanks to HBG Canada for sending an ARC my way! This is no way influences my opinion*

I literally had the best time of my life with this book. Everything about was simply and utterly fantastic. I can’t even come up with eloquent words to talk about it because I am just sitting here at my desk gushing and gushing about how amazing this book is!!!!! My adult fantasy readers are definitely going to want to get their hands on this.

What I Liked:


Mehr: A QUEEN. A FRICKIN GODDESS. UGH I LOVED HER. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. *Okay, tone it down Rendz and try to make some sense.* Mehr is an outcast from a sheltered, privileged home. She may have noble blood, but her “barbarian” half is quite defining and she is demeaned for it. Like all lovely main characters, she makes a huge mistake (she had good intentions) and sets path on a new scary, daunting adventure. Serving a man-god, the Maha, despite her lack of faith. Her characterization was spot on. She goes from being this sneaky noble outcast, to a defiant prisoner, to a defeated prisoner and so on. I loved how cunning she was, she was smart and always, always hopeful. She had such growth, it’s not linear and she goes through many setbacks in her journey. And I love the fact that she embraces her mixed heritage whole-heartily and didn’t give one single crap about what  people think of her appearance or status. Her voice was impeccable and wow I just CAN’T. IT’S TOO MUCH AMAZINGNESS.

Amun: PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS. Seriously. He was almost like a polar opposite of Mehr, where she had the self-love he had a lot of self-hate. His life was tragic and he has reasons to be *that* broody. But he is such a softy and I loved how the author chose to explore his softness (and I don’t know if that sounds dirty, but it’s not I promise XD). His own personal growth made me so happy, I JUST CAN’T.

Other characters…Lalita was fabulous™. Her little chapter snippets were always exciting and held much needed info to understand what was happening outside of the temple where Mehr was. The more antagonistic characters were also pretty great. The Maha was frickin creepy and nasty and ewww, but like he was a great villain. Also, can I just mention Kalini. I won’t spoil…but damn.

The World:

Everybody is calling it lush WITH GOOD REASON. I was transported every time I opened the book. I was in the palace with it’s enclosed walls and veiled women. I was in the desert with sand getting into everything. I was in the temple where life was a constant repetition of the day before. The politics. The mythology. The history. It was all so well done. Suri created this amazing atmosphere with her words. It was just so rich and full of amazing wonders. It is inspired by Mughal India and all my knowledge about that period comes from having watched a drama series called Jodha Akbar, so I don’t know much. But what I can tell you is that it is so interesting and  beautiful and I would love to learn more.

The Magic:

The Daiva. The dancing. The dreamfire. The storms. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING WAS SO WELL DONE. I mean the magic system comes from the dreams of sleeping gods, how much more epic can it get?? I loved the rituals of the rites, the way the actual magic was performed. It created such beautiful images (you know I will be breaking out my pencils and paints soon).

The Writing:

Wonderful. Atmospheric. Dramatic. It was perfect for the story that it told. I will say I noticed quite a lot of uses of “-Oh” as an interruption, which I just found funny I don’t know why!

The Romance:

It was more than just shipping the two. It was a forced marriage that started distant until the characters befriended each other, supported one another and finally found their love. (It’s not enemies to lovers though…just setting the record straight) It has a powerful message about consent and choice. The importance of allowing people their moment to choose and let it be a decision made from their own heart and mind and not just because of the situation they were in. It was beautiful, like I almost cried.

It’s a RIDE:

It’s action packed, twisty, turny and has all the good stuff! I read this on my commutes to school and tried very hard not to make faces of shock and excitement, but I couldn’t help myself. When I got to a very big twist, I said “oh shit” on a very full bus. Yes, people stared at me. This book was a ride and just when you think things will go as planned, think again.

What I Disliked:

Why did I take off 0.5. Well, I just missed a big moment of shitake (noun: Everything went to shit and the characters are literally not gonna make it. pronounced: shit-aw-key). Like there was moments of really intense despair and sadness…..but it just lacked the OMGWHATTHEHELLAREWEGONNADONOW moment. For me at least. I don’t even know if I am making any sense, I just described myself by using a made up word!

Overall, this book was amazing. I was hooked from page one and was reeled in with every turn of the page. The world is lush, the magic is enchanting, the politics are deceptive and the romance is sweet. But it is undeniably a tale of hope. Hope even when the gods themselves are angry.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Recommend: To my Adult Fantasy readers!!!!!!!!!! (Even YA fantasy readers will find something to love in this!)

Let me know what you think! Have you read this? Are you looking to pick it up? What fantastical worlds would you love to visit?

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


October Wrap-Up & November TBR | Where I explain my unannounced disappearance and try to recall how on earth I made through the past week.

Greetings readers!

It has been quite a while hasn’t it? My last post was from Halloween and that was over a week ago! By now the Christmas/Holiday season is starting to establish itself (and I couldn’t be more excited) which means I’m about to head into Hell before finding the joy of Christmas.

It’s the end of the term and that means exam season. And like all wonderful university profs, they like to pile all their assignments within the few weeks before exam sessions start so naturally I have been drowning in papers and quizzes and tests. Technically, I should be writing something far more academic right now, but I honestly need to take a breather.

exams GIF

This past week has been Hell. I’ve had papers due and two tests (neither of which I allocated enough time to study for). AND I still have more papers and tests coming next week so I really am gonna need to get my focus on.

ANYWAYS you’re not here to simply hear me whine and cry about my education, your here for books! So let’s get on with it and get bookish (not school bookish though, not yet).

October was pretty fabulous! I have learned to optimize my time spent on commutes to and from uni to read. I can read approx. 30-40 pages of a book on one ride which means I’m reading about 60-80 pages a day, five days a week, four weeks and a half per month, eight months of school per year, six yea—ENOUGH MATH RENDZ, GOSH.

I can finish about 4 books per month, 5 if they are short, but that’s where I will stop with the numbers. You get the point.


What Rendz Read

The Witching Hours: Vampire Knife by Jack Henseleit (Halloween Town)
Very  spooky, very creepy, I loved it! My Mini Review

Lulu the Broadway Mouse by Jenna Gavigan (Dr. Frankenstein)
This book was fiercely fabulous! Loved it! My Mini Review

Spooktober Mini Reviews

The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth (Mayor of Halloween Town)
My most anticipated book of the month! the post-Narnia adventure definitely gave me all the feels!!!! My Full Review

The Light Between Worlds

Anne Arrives: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables by Kallie George
A picture book that is perfect for fans of Anne or parents looking to introduce Anne to kids! Review to come!

Charlie Hernandez and the League of Shadows by Ryan Calejo (Zero *There are ghost-like figures*)
Charming, cooky and full of wonderful Hispanic and Latinx mythology! My Full Review

Charlie Hernandez

Certain Dark Things by Silvia-Moreno Garcia (The Citizens)
Mexican Vampire Narcos. It was seriously awesome. Review to come!

This month I participated in the Nightmare Before Book Princess Reviews Read-A-Thon and I was lucky enough to get a bingo! (I may have stretched some of these prompts!)

spooktober 2

The Haul

I seriously need to find some semblance of self-control. I mean I guess I should pat myself on the back a little for not participating in that Book Outlet sale *though I regret it* But my problem comes when I request books. I seriously request everything because I want everything and then never read my ARCs on time. Shame on me. Someone send me some self-control tips!


The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth! I have an ARC but it’s blankness cannot compare to the stunning hardcover! Feast yer eyes!

Here comes the publisher love. For which I am so grateful and yet so unworthy.


Anne Arrives: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables by Kallie George
Goodnight, Anne by Kallie George
The Magicians Secret by Zachary Hyman

Three gorgeous picture books that are part of PRHC’s Holiday catalogue! Reviews coming soon!

Raincoast Books

I couldn’t make it to the in-person Teen Blogger event, but they are so amazing and sent me a swag pack AND THE BOOKS THAT I GOT.

Enchanctée by Gita Trelease *My little French heart sings!*
VOICES by David Elliott (Joan of Arc’s story in verse *my little Catholic heart sings* XD)

Thomas Allen & Sons
A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna (To satisfy my space opera craving!)

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Other Going-Ons

There will be a 4th LEGEND novel by the one and only Marie Lu 

I literally cried that day. I was so elated. I was in shock. I am still in shock. WE ARE ACTUALLY GETTING A FOURTH NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!! All that begging worked! I even asked Marie if she would one day write a continuation as a joke. Past-Rendz you do not know what is headed your way, boo!

The Dragon Prince 

So I was bored and I needed something to watch, so I watched it. It was such a typical fantasy with a little (a lot) of humour in it and the animation is terrible, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters, the plot (even though I guessed ever turn) and it was just a lot of fun! It helped alleviate some stress!

Howl’s Moving Castle

Yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon. Just to be clear I watched the movie and I haven’t read the books. What did I think of it? It was….weird, but like I was into it. I would watch it again, maybe. It was good. I was mainly hoping some part of the soundtrack would stick out to me…but no……:(

I found this again…

If you’re a Lunar Chronicles fan, do yourself a favour and feast yer eyes on this!


I honestly don’t think I’ll make it to more than three considering how torturous the next couple of weeks are gonna be…but I’ll try!

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri (In the middle of it right now and OMG LOVING IT)

The Sisters of Winter Wood by Rena Rossner

Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd

The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna

I shall not even mention the review requests I’ve gotten since September that I haven’t had the chance to pick up. I am truly sorry and am also such a mess!

That’s it for me! Let me know what you think? What was your favourite read from this month? What was your favourite new release? What books are you looking forward to this month? 

Happy reading!

~ Rendz