Latest T.V. Binges | In Which Rendz Watched T.V. Instead of Being Productive

Greetings readers!

We are gonna take a detour today from books and discuss some TV! Besides reading, TV is my next go to past time. There’s nothing like letting yourself just melt into your couch/bed and relaxing while watching some good televised entertainment. Am I right?

I am not ashamed to say I watch a lot of reality TV. Like game shows, competition shows, House Wives…maybe the Kardashians here and there. But sometimes I also get sucked into other shows, like scripted, fictional shows. And I have had quite some time these past weeks to watch some TV, instead of getting some reading done. Shame on me.

So I decided to share some feels with you guys because let me tell you, I am bursting with them.

Gilmore Girls

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via TVLine

So I didn’t exactly binge this show. I mean there are 7 seasons made of 22 episodes that are 40-42 minutes each. That is a lot of TV time. So I took a few pauses between seasons, but I was finally able to finish it a few weeks ago and to be 100% honest, I was unimpressed.

I really liked the first few seasons, specifically, I liked Rory in the first few seasons. But by season 5, I was over her. I enjoyed Lorelai throughout the show…but again the latter seasons version of her was kind of annoying. The side characters are what really made the show for me, even the Gilmore Grandparents…but the Gilmore Girls, they got a little boring after a while. Sorry not sorry!

Then there was the finale, which in my opinion was sooooooooooo anti-climatic. I was expecting so, so, so much more. Like I was ready to burst with feels and have a good cry. I thought that maybe this end would salvage so much for me, but no. I sat there dry-eyed and just not feeling it. Le sighhhh

via Rotten Tomatos

Then I watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life and I was really unimpressed by those too. I liked seeing all the characters reunite, but the story line was meh and I got bored fast. I hated Rory throughout it and Lorelai….well, I felt like she actually wasn’t the same. It was really disappointing and since I already knew the last four words, I was hoping everything else would be a little more special.

That being said. I am done with this series. Of course there are episodes that I really liked, but over all I was unimpressed by the end. Again, sorry not sorry.

Tangled: The Series


Yeah, I still watch kid shows, so what? A) They are so heartwarming, B) They are hilarious and C) They always, always have a valuable lesson to learn 😉

Usually, TV series of movies do not really call to me, but with Tangled I had to give it a shot. I loved the movie, how much can the show suck?

Reader, it doesn’t suck. It is actually so awesome. The characters are just as they are in the movie, except now we call Flynn Rider by his real name, Eugene. Each episode has so much fun, magic and humour. I gobbled every episode I could! Plus, I think the artwork is so cute and does anyone else miss 2D animation??? I love 2D!!! (They just don’t make them like that anymore…le sigh.)

I 100% recommend that you watch it!!!

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden Poster
via IMDb

What the heck did I just watch?

I am friggin weeping. Okay, I didn’t cry-cry, but there were tears in my eyes, people. I started watching this for the sole reason that I was bored and didn’t want to edit my 15 page paper that should really be 10 pages!

I don’t watch a lot of anime. I was never really into it, a few series here and there were really all I got into. So when I saw this listed on a website, I was like…..meeeeeh, fine, I’ll give it a try. I literally knew nothing about it, I just saw the title image for the show and clicked watch.

Then I was sucked into this black whole and beauty that is this show.


The show follows a young girl who has been raised her whole life to be a weapon in a war and knows very little about human emotion and expressions. After the war, Violet Evergarden has to integrate herself into society without the guiding orders from her Major, whom she no longer has contact with. With the help of ex-Lieutenant Hodgins and his employees, Violet strives to become an Auto Memory Doll for Hodgins’ company. A job that requires a lot of understanding about human emotions to write letters for others. With each letter that Violet writes, she learns new words, new emotions and hopes to one day understand the last words ever spoken to her by her Major Gilbert: “I love you.”

There is even a song that makes me well up with emotion because it is so moving and the episodes that it is featured in are an explosion of major feeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!!!!

*Please pause: Rendz is weeping*

Holy crap, this show is AMAZING and I’m still waiting on some episodes. BUT I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS NOW!!!

Let me know what you think! Have you watched any of these shows? What has been on your binge list lately? What shows are you looking to binge next?

Happy watching!

~ Rendz


*Unless you are watching one of my recommended shows..then I forgive you!

25 thoughts on “Latest T.V. Binges | In Which Rendz Watched T.V. Instead of Being Productive

Add yours

  1. Ahhh, I love Tangled: The Series! It’s so cute~ :3 And gosh, I really need to watch Violet Evergarden. Can’t find it anywhere…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I watched the opening film or whatever it was for Tangled: The Series. I thought it was cute and fun, and I really love the artwork. I’d like to watch the rest if it comes to my library on DVD!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I liked Gilmore Girls overall, but I agree the ending was anti-climactic and the later seasons just made the characters progressively off. I did learn that the writer lost creative control somewhere along the line, and wasn’t able to end the show how she wanted to, so maybe that was part of it?? (Although a big draw for the revival was that the original writer was able to finally write the story ending close to how she originally planned). Honestly, I really should have been able to see the ending of the revival coming XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really, that is so interesting! I’m so glad you agree with me, the characters just had these dramatic changes and I was so annoyed! Now I know why they might have changed so much so, thanks to you!
      Honestly, I suspected the ending of the revival too, it just didn’t happen exactly as I thought it would XD


  4. Ugh I totally agree with you on Gilmore Girls. Rory turned into a character I loved so much, into a character that I hated! Especially during the revival, I felt like she wasn’t acting Rory-like at all, especially with the whole thing surrounding Logan and his fiancee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!
      Rory has this huge transformation and it was not that great. She turned into a totally different character! And the whole Logan/financee thing was wack and I did not like it! Not very Rory-like at all!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. UGH IK IT MADE ME SO MAD. I literally did not understand why she would be okay with cheating with Logan, and it made it worse because she knew he was engaged. I mean Logan’s not innocent either….this show just makes me mad sometimes LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. To be honest (this might be an unpopular opinion) I never liked Logan, so to see Rory chasing after him like that was so pathetic. She could have set her sights on better things but nope she was too busy trying to get Logan back. That’s what makes me angry!

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  5. I HAVE NOT WATCHED ANY OF THESE SHOWS, AND I AM ASHAMED. Um, I totally forgot that they were making Tangled the series, and I must hunt things down now because I am solddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd so much. It sounds like so much epicness, and it looks so pretty, and EUGENE AND RAPUNZELLLLLLLLL. Also, Violet Evergarden sounds epic as well. *taking many notes*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Netflix psyched me out for Violet Evergarden. I was searching for it last night and it kept telling me there was nothing violet but the internet told me it was there. D: HOW RUDE. But yesssssssssssssssssssssss. I must find it too.

        Liked by 1 person

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