Hearts Are Like Balloons Review

Greetings readers!

I was able to meet my goal this month and get to the last book on my TBR! *cheers* It was a difficult two weeks in the middle of June because of exams and school and all that fun stuff! *woohoo* Thankfully I had some great books waiting for me including Hearts Are Like Balloons by Candace Robinson!

I flew through this book. And When I mean flew, I mean flew! One day, less that 24 hours is all I needed! I haven’t read a whole book in one day in years! (Or ever really!)

So, thank you Candace for providing me with a copy and letting me read your work again!

Hearts Are Like Balloons by Candace Robinson

Hearts Are Like Balloons
via Goodreads

Goodreads Summary

May Falkner’s past two years have been a rough road. When her father suddenly passes away, May needs to find a job to help out her mom and regain some control over her life. Working at the bookstore helps her heal, laugh, and hope again. It also leads her to cross paths with Nico Evitts, who begins as just a co-worker, but becomes so much more

When it all becomes perfect, because there is no perfect, life steps in to prove once again that it all can crash down harder than before. This is a story about finding yourself, love, and the things in life that are still here.

Hearts are like balloons. Sometimes they inflate… Sometimes they deflate…

A contemporary that just kept me glued to the pages. It was just something I could not put down and I think it’s because the drama and situations that May went through just really struck me hard. I mean, I have never been in any of May’s situations but reading her struggle just kept me enthralled and wanting more!

What I Liked


May: I really enjoyed May’s character. She went through a lot of emotional trauma and grief. She experienced such sorrow, that I cannot even fathom how hard it would be to live through that. She grew a lot in this novel. Discovering herself and learning how to open herself in times of need and distress. She had a love for art (like me!) and she used it as a way to channel some of that grief out of her system.

Nico: I wish perfect boys like him existed. Okay maybe that is a stretch of a sentence. He’s not all perfect, but he’s like 3/4 of the way there. And maybe there are boys like him out there and I just have to get myself a job at a bookstore to find out! Seriously though. Swoon. Plus his full name is Nikolai. I have a thing for Nikolais. Nico was honestly so sweet, charming and totally supportive of May. He was always there for her, through thick and thin! HE IS JUST SO CUTE!!

Violet: The sass. The sass. THE SASS. She was funny, professional and very, very purple.

Emotional Roller-coaster: Chapter one and I felt like crying. The heart strings start getting pulled from the very start of this book, there is no room for a sense of calm. It’s just a shot of pain followed by more and more pain. This is how it goes:

The beginning of the book hits you and May hard.
Then you both get kind of better. Healing.
Cute ship stuff.
Then.. BAM
All hell breaks loose again.
More cute ship stuff.
Then…BAM (again)
The pain is never ending from here on out.

Themes of Grief, Loss:  The events in May’s life really tested her. She went through two painful losses that I know, I would have had a hard time getting through.  But May does. She gets through it. The thing about grief is that it is a never ending feeling. It nags at you and keeps you awake at night. It never completely leaves, it is a reminder of a moment that you wish to forget. The thing is, we remember more bad moments than good moments because of grief. May’s pain doesn’t disappear. She learns to keep it but not let it interfere with her growth. She doesn’t let it stop her from living.

The Epilogue: I needed this. I needed this. The book would have ended off with a great ending, with this epilogue or not. BUT I SERIOUSLY WANTED THIS EPILOGUE AND I’M SO HAPPY I GOT IT!  It ascertained all my wonders about May’s life after the final chapter. It closed off every question I had! AND GOSH I WAS SO HAPPY!!! It gave me all the feels once again and just left everything off nicely!

What I Disliked

Time Jumps: This book spans almost four (five?) years. And often times things would just go so quickly that I had very little time to digest one moment in time before getting thrown right into another one! It was just slightly confusing because I would have to keep count of May’s age (even if her age was stated later on in a chapter).

The Title: Don’t get me wrong, I like the title. The title is great and there is a connection to the story. But……………….I just felt that when the time came to introduce the meaning, it lasted a good five seconds. It was kind of just forced upon me, instead of that epiphany you are supposed to get. This is obviously me being picky…but I like my epiphanies!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I read it in one day! It was a quick read, but it was not an easy, fluffy contemporary. It was a lot of heart-string pulling and just waves of emotions everywhere! But it’s great! I hope you consider picking it up and getting hit with all the feels too.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars 

Recommend: Yes, for those looking for a more emotional contemporary!

Alright, thank you again Candace! For letting me read your work and giving me that epilogue! Hearts Are Like Balloons comes out TODAY! Run and get your copy! 

Finally, let me know which book (contemporary of not) left you with the most amount of feels!

Happy reading!

~ Rendz


6 thoughts on “Hearts Are Like Balloons Review

  1. Wonderful review, Rendz!! LOVE that cover, but it seems very interesting that the title wasn’t really revealed until the end of the story. AND THERE IS A MAN NAMED NICO? Nico is just one of those names. Hmmm…I’m intrigued now (especially since there was a lot of sass going on). Wonderful, as always! ❤

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