Tower of Dawn Cover & My Thoughts

Greetings readers!

I don’t even now how to start this. I am laughing to myself right now really because of the emotions I feel when I saw this…

The Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas cover reveal.


I hate it.

I hate it immensely.

When I saw it, I actually hated it with a passion.

Rage was not a word to describe my anger.

It was a mix of fury, disappointment, sadness, feeling offended, insulted.

A whole lot of that.


This book is part of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas which I had a huge fall out with because of the turn of events and the 180º character personality changes. Mind you, I have yet to read the fifth book, Empire of Storms, but I am not anticipating it. 

This book specifically is about the captain of the guard, Chaol Westfall and his journey to the Southern Continent. It takes place in the same timeline as EoS but will not feature any of the characters like the main character Aelin. 

I was so happy that Chaol was going to get his own book. So damn happy. No Aelin. No Adarlan. No Fae (for now at least). No Rowan. NO AELIN! A breath of fresh air. Chaol and other side characters like Dorian, Manon and Elide are the only real reason I stick around this series.

So this cover was supposed to be epic. Chaol Westfall on his own cover! YES! GIVE IT TO ME! He deserves it! After all the hate and dramatics he has been put through in the books and from the fandom, he deserved to be on his own book cover.

But NO.

I open Instagram and all I see is a shield, with a bird and the Southern Continent cityscape.

Hell's Kitchen fox angry frustrated seriously GIF

What makes it worse is that I had just written one of my exams and it went so well. I was so thrilled, only to have to be have my day crushed by this cover.



I don’t think it’s ugly. 

It is just not what I wanted, nor what should have been decided as the final cover art.

There was so much opportunity here.

*spoiler for QoS* 

Chaol is paralyzed right now, they could have showcased an impaired character on the cover of a huge YA series. That would have been powerful. Respectful. The amount of cookie points it would have given SJM in the diversity sector because we all know she is lacking. Nesryn is a person of colour! (Well I pretty sure she is!) HELL, they could have put her on the cover just to keep in tune with the fighter girl front cover and the dressy girl back cover.

*end of spoiler*


A lame shield.

So now these art directors have really messed up.

Although, Chaol is not a woman, he being on the cover would have resembled the other covers with a HUMAN PERSON!


*say it with me now*


So yes, I hate this cover. Call me petty for hating a cover. But yeah, I hate it.

I know Chaol is not in the good graces of many of you. A lot of you think he is an ass, rude…blah..blah..blah. I cannot and will not agree with you on that.

But do you honestly think this cover matches the flow of the others?

It’s up to you.


It’s the truth and I will not guard my opinion.

Then people on the internet started being amazing and adorable people. Hence why I love the internet at times.

They blessed my eyes with these.

For those of you who wanted a cover with my Abs. 
#chaoltalks #chaolwestfall #dorianhavilliard #aelingalathynius #manonblackbeak #rowanwhitethorn #throneofglass #crownofmidnight #heiroffire #queenofshadows #empireofstorms #towerofdawn #sarahjmaas #nesrynfaliq

There are others out there too that are pretty funny too! So thank you people for making these and making me feel a little better.


On a final note:


Hell's Kitchen fox gordon ramsay fox tv hells kitchen GIF

If not, then I have other means.

RealityTVGIFs real housewives jesus rhoa real housewives of atlanta GIF

This calls for divine intervention.

Thank you,


The Heartbroken Rendz

End of long rant. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I know it has been the talk of the town lately. You can try to woo me to like it, but I won’t. Still I respect your opinion and there as there is no room for bad blood among bloggers. 

I just have bad blood with this cover, okay!

Happy reading!

And here is to hoping this cover is a joke and something better will come along.

~ Rendz






36 thoughts on “Tower of Dawn Cover & My Thoughts

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  1. I totally agree with you on this cover! All of Sarah J. Maas cover’s are beautiful but this one is just horrible. I was expecting something a hundred times better than this. Am I still going to buy it and read it? Yes but I am not displaying it for the cover. It is way too disappointing.

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  2. Although I’m not a big fan of SJM’s series since I haven’t read the book yet (I won book 5 in a giveaway, so I gotta figure out something), I do like covers that have CONSISTENCY! I’ve seen the last 5 and the 6th should at least have matched the other ones, don’t you think? I might not be very emotionally connected, but this difference bugs me. Nice post Rendz! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes this cover completely failed on consistency! It doesn’t match in any way, shape or form! If you ever decide to read them Kester good luck! They may be good at first but I’m sad to say they go very downhill, in my opinion anyways. Others would argue that I’m wrong 🙃🙄

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  3. I clearly have not read this series yet, but wowsies it was…not pleasing. Not…not well. I’m sorry. Maybe they will just make this the ARC cover? And surprise us with a really epic one. I don’t get why they would switch the person on the cover thing. It was the whole theme of the series. And why does the UK get epic wing thing? I’m sorry, Rendz. 😦 Blog hug? (But yay for exam going well!)

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    1. Yeah…not epic at all. Ugh I wish this weren’t the final cover but SJM doesn’t get ARCs for this series anymore (95% sure she doesn’t do arcs anymore) The epic wing thing doesn’t make up for the fact that he should have been on it though. *sigh* Blog hugs are appreciated.

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  4. Oh my gosh!! I agree with you 100%. I am still so disappointed because I was waiting to see this fantastic cover, because all the covers are amazing, and then that cover showed up. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it and then I read your review and you put everything that was in my head, out into the world! SO thank you for doing that, and also including Gordon Ramsey because he is my favorite person in the world!

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  5. A shield?! Who the hell made the decision to print this cover?! As you can tell – I’m angry. It doesn’t fit the series and doesn’t live up to what Chaol deserves. Not impressed! Like you said – FIX THIS!!

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  6. I’m conflicted with the cover. I keep going back and forth like: “I guess it’s okay, I mean… it’s about Chaol so it’s not part of the main series-ish so it doesn’t have to match”

    “No, it should match. It bothers me so much.”

    “It’s really ugly and plain.”

    “But the cover doesn’t matter so much as the story.”

    I’m a mess.

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      1. Haha, thanks! Although I gotta say that I really love that second fan-made cover. It would’ve been so perfect to have something like that!

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    You know we’re soul sisters in this. We both love Chaol and hate what Maas did to him and tons of other characters. Hate pretty much all of the books after Crown of Midnight. AND were hoping for a marvelous, epic novella for him.
    THIS IS NOT EPIC. IT IS LAME AF! And yeah, it’s kind of pretty, it’s alright, but when compared to the AWESOME covers from the other books in the series, it looks absolute SH*T. Like a middle grade series or something. Which is completely preposterous.
    I really hope I’m wrong and find the story incredible. I really hope Chaol is offered a proper characterization, and that I enjoy his adventure in the southern continent. I don’t like Nesryn as a love interest, so I definitely wouldn’t have wanted her in the cover, and certainly could do without her trailing along. But oh well. We’ll see what comes out of it.
    And I’m so thankful to Feelings of a Bookworm for existing ❤

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  8. Well, what I feel is Sahra never wanted to give a major character to Choal in her later books even at the beginning. She only used him as a supporting character to shape the Celaena into the character she wanted to be at her later books. Perhaps she must had the idea even to remove him from story line later ( even kill him perhaps.). But for good or bad Chaol became the perfect realistic descent human being with his honour and loyalty. The man who sacrifised his lordship for the friendship and layelty and grown to give his life for sake of his pride and layelty for almost decades was ready to give up everything he worked out for ages to go with Celaena proved him the best lover. Those were the reason when I started faver him. Most readers fell on him for the exact reason I believe. He became a considerably valuble character in the story unintentionally. But Sahra wanted to introduce her mighty warrior immortal lover, Rowan into story which she ever wanted to do since the beginning as I believe suddenly with the intention of coupling the strongest to make perfect fairy couple. If she just killed Choal cold bloodedly and moved on it becomes a Sam story all again and she lose Choal fans sooner or lator. So the best thing to remove the existing hero from heroin is making him a villen without killing him while saving her readers who were Choal fans. So she created this whole new personality for Choal who was a brat inorder to strip his honoir and dignity. But unfortunately when the story moved on and on with more disgrace on Choal, still the coin flipped. So she had to write the Tower of Dawn to show the Choal fans the she still cared for him and she still has plans for him in the story. With that she also tried to great an alternative exit for Choal from round table with pairing him with Yrene. But still if she cared so much, then why team him and making him a seasonal criiple again at the end? ( Blind Aeline fans might say that story would not be realistic then. But guys this whole story was never 100% realistic. The only realistic characters I saw were minor characters along side of Choal here.)
    I’m a deadly Choal fan for his lealistic nature, layelty and love. if the ship sinks, let it darag me with it. Thats what I felt about this whole thing. Perhaps if she wouldn’t start another story line with Choal or not give a significant place in her last book I will look to another series.

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    1. WELL SAID. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. I definitely feel that Sarah was ready to push Chaol out of the series to highlight Rowan, but the back clash was really rough so she wrote Tower of Dawn to ease fans into thinking he is still important.
      Chaol was such a great character from the beginning and even though he has had his bad moments I think that is what makes him the most relateable and human character of them all. He has no magic and he has to prove himself among all these fae and shape shifters. Even now that he is physically impaired, it is important that she doesn’t use that as an excuse to push him aside from the battle and main story.
      He is really the only reason I continue the series! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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