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A couple of days ago I was tagged by the lovely Princess from  Royal Reader to do her very own book tag Horror Movie Book Tag! Thank you so much!

Confession time! I cannot watch horror movies because I will literally not sleep for an entire week from fright. They scare me that much. Even the movies that supposedly suck and are not scary whatsoever, scare me! Still this tag was fun to do and I hope you all go check out Princess’s post here! She had great answers!

Without further ado!



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1   The Zombie Apocalypse: A book you would save when civilization ends:

Image result for zombie apocalypse

This one is tough however I would choose The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. This is totally biased because these are my favourite  books but in the end I would choose to keep them safe. They were the first fantasy series I read and it really latched itself onto my heart and introduced me to magic. I need to hold on to that magic if everything else is gone.

2    The Vampire: A book you would stake through the heart (in whatever sense):

Image result for vampire coffin

I would stake Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (oooo…controversial opinion, should I start counting how many followers I lost?)  It’s not that I did not like this book. I thought it had great action and suspense but ultimately some of the characters didn’t sit well with me.  The main character completely changed her way of being, the new love interest was boring, and my favourite character was painted as a bad guy for trying to protect his friend. Definitely missed the mark for me.

3   The Haunted House: A book that still haunts you:

Image result for haunted house

Champion by Marie Lu

This was not a horror story but the ending to her Legend series completely destroyed me and I was left heartbroken. Even just thinking about the ending hurts my soul.

4   The Psychological Thriller: A book with a twist you did not see coming:

Image result for psychologist couch

Raging Star (Dust Lands Book #3)by Moira Young

Holy Cannoli! I did not see the big twist coming at the end of this one either! Throughout the second two books of this series there are a couple chapters with an unknown narrator. The reader only knows that he is a he and that he is close to the main character. But there are so many options and discovering the person is absolutely killer!

5   The Creepy Doll: A book that seems innocent but isn’t:

Image result for porcelain doll

The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini

This book was not creepy but just plain sad. I knew that going in but the amount of heartbreak I actually went through reading this book is still coursing through me to this day. Everyone should read this book.

6   The Monster: A book you could barely tackle/defeat (in whatever sense):

Image result for dark closet

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

I had to read this for school and I barely understood any of it. It was short and boring. The most boring 75 pages of my entire life. I finished it but got nothing from reading it!

7   The Comedy-Horror: A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t):

Related image

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Hell yes this worked! Sci-fi mixed with fairy tales may sound weird but Queen Marissa pulled it off excellently and I enjoyed these very, very much!

8   The (Cliched) Teen Horror: A book you found super cliched/stereotypical:

Image result for high school

Loser/Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book was not terrible. I liked parts of it, but it was super cliched! The unpopular girl gets popular, then she realizes the consequences of her actions and ultimately loses her popularity. Cheesy but entertaining!

9   The Demonic Possession: A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it:

Image result for demon

The Winners Trilogy bu Marie Rutkoski

I binge read this series over the summer. It was so engrossing and amazing. I connected to the main characters a lot and the plot was very entertaining. It was perfect! I am just so upset I put off reading this series because I judged the books by their covers. I thought it would just be a fluffy romance but they ended up being so much more!

10  The Science Fiction: A precious book you would permanently sacrifice to aliens for the good of mankind:

Image result for ufo

The Penderwicks  by Jeanne Birdsall

This series would be so hard to give up. It is so precious to me and my soul! The siblings relationships, the family themes and the theme of death are so important in these books! I loved them so much, hopefully the aliens give them back to me one day!

Well that was a fun. I am tagging a couple of blogs, if I didn’t tag you and would still like to participate and spread the word about Princess’s blog, go ahead!

I tag…


Rants and Raves of a Bibliophile

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Happy tagging and reading!





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  1. TLC. Okay, got that out of the way, lol. I read the first Winners Curse book like a million book years ago, but I don’t know why I didn’t ever pick it back up. I think I liked it. D: But I might need to pick it up again since you enjoyed it so much. :O And oooooh to the Maas book. I swear I never see anything bad about her work, but I once I get to the series, I’m sooo going back to have a discussion to see why you have become Captain Unpopular Opinion. XD Fantastic post, Rendz! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mandy! I hope you love the Winners Curse again if you ever pick it up again! In regards to the Maas books they are still really good but that third book just killed it for me. (Not in the good way) I haven’t read her other series but I am excited to get to it soon. I would
      love to discuss these books with you whenever you read them! There are a lot 😂


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