Frost Like Night-Reviewed!

Greetings readers;

I’m going to be reviewing Frost Like Night today. I just recently finished and am very excited to tell you all my thoughts! A little reminder that this will of course be spoiler-free, like always.

Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch

This is one of the books where I like to use my super long, hyphenated words to describe my feelings right after reading. I finished reading this at about 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, the light from my iPod illuminating the pages of the book and my loud-sounding page flips echoed in my dark, quiet room. If you have seen any of my tweets you would know that I was crying  right after the last paragraph. The tears got my pillow all soggy and my shirt was kind of wet from wiping my snot. (Rendz! TMI and ew, gross)

Anyways, I finished the last paragraph read it over a couple times then went on to read the acknowledgements (because I always do) and cried the whole way through. So what made me cry? I don’t know exactly, perhaps the emotion of the series finale is what had me upset or that there were some crucial deaths that had me crushed was what had me tearing up (a mixture of both really).

So my thoughts…

What I liked

The Setting: Primoria is probably one of my favourite fantasy worlds out there. I just thought it was very creative to use the seasons as their own kingdoms and that only that season occurred there. Then the Rhythm kingdoms each represented a form of art, which I thought was very cool. Plus in this one, the kingdoms of Autumn and Paisly were explored, both of which were barely touched in the first two books!

The characters: I loved Meira because she was flawed and expected to be perfect. She was spunky, sarcastic, quirky, funny and caring. She honestly cared for her people and was willing to go to the ends of the Earth for them! Mather, A. he was hot, B. he was an awesome soldier and C. he fought for whom he loves. He was flawed as well, a bit too cocky sometimes but in the end he was honestly so sweet and loving. Theron, although we do not see much of him he was always a character I liked because he followed his passions, even when they were degraded and offended. Ceridwen was an amazing character. So much fire and anger, yet she loved so much and her heart led her in most decisions even when her head got in the way. The rest of the cast was cute too. I will miss some of them. (Yes people die, it’s a war, many people die)

The romance: Cute, funny, passionate and overall steamy in some parts. *fans self* It was a love triangle which I despise, but from the first few chapters we know who Meira has chosen in her heart.

Chapter 21: No spoilers, but it has to do with the aforementioned topic.

The Ending:  I really did have tears in my eyes and snot coming out of my nose at the very end. I was going solid throughout the whole novel. I endured most deaths with dry eyes but those last two paragraphs broke me. They are just so full of hope and love that I could not help but be moved.

What I didn’t like:

Pace: Personally, sometimes I felt like things were moving so quickly I had a hard time keeping up and got lost. I had to reread some stuff to get my thoughts back in order. Other times I felt like it was too slow and dragging on that I got bored.

Where were my super villainy moments?: I did not get to see a lot of Angra. I mean you hear about him and fight him and all…but there was never a solid chapter where you just listened to him speak and be evil and all. Also, Theron was hardly in the book so you never saw what it was truly like for him to be infested with decay.


Over all, I loved this book. I loved this series. It was interesting, adventurous, suspenseful and MAGICAL (always a winning factor). I will have a hard time getting over those deaths, but the ending was perfect. Of course I want to know more about what happened afterwards, but only Sara knows so maybe she will tell us how they are doing one day.

Super- long hyphenated word: This book was amazingly-heartbreaking-swoon worthy-hope filling-heart stopping-scream making-rage bubbling-beautiful-yet-sad-yet-wonderful story.

Rating: 5/5 stars (even with its minor faults I loved it!)

Do I recommend? YES YES YES!

SO, do yourself a favour and pick up this series. It’s the perfect binge-read and I guarantee it will make you hurt inside (in the best way). AND, if you have read this series, let me know in the comments below and we can totally go crazy about it together!

Happy reading!




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