Mid-Month Update: November 2016

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Greetings readers:

Oh my goodness, it is already the middle of November. 2016 is going by fast! This month has been good so far. School is…school. It’s still work loaded and heavy, especially grade 12. But you don’t want to know about school, you want to know about books!

So, this is how November has gone for me book-related wise:

1: I finished REPLICA.

Yup, I finally did it! *pats self on back* So, now that that book is out of the way, I moved on to Frost Like Night (hooray) and am making my way through it, slowly but surely. As for REPLICA, you can read my full spoiler-free review here.

2: The Assassin’s Blade audio book

It is still being listened too, its just a very slow process. I am enjoying the audio book and hopefully I am able to finish it soon. Β I am on the third novella and very close to finishing it.

3: Book Buying Ban

I will be officially taking a break from book buying for the next couple of months until the new year. Lately, most of my money has been put towards books and I just cannot afford to do that anymore. But fear not, I will be heading to the library a lot these next couple of months and still updating you with library hauls. My book buying will resume on February 3rd, 2017. (I have two very important things to buy that day πŸ˜‰ )

4: I won my first giveaway!

I won for once *cheers* Danielle L. Jensen author of the Malediction trilogy, was giving away signed sets of bookmarks and I won. I was so happy my friends had to calm me down! I am super excited to receive those and will post a picture when I get them!

SO, how are your TBRs coming along this month? Comment down below! That’s all for now! Wish me good luck with the rest of my reading!








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