November TBR

Greetings readers:

So as you know last month was a slow reading month and well, I decided to plan out this month to see how much reading I could get done in November. It’s turns out it’s not as much as I want.

So here’s the stitch, my November TBR is practically the same as my October TBR. Meaning I will continue reading/listening to Replica and the Assassin’s Blade. I will also try to get a start on Frost Like Night since it is a library book and I will need to return it soon. If by any miracle I actually get this reading material out-of-the-way early ish, then I will start A Shadow Bright and Burning.

*cries thinking about all her lonely books*

Soon I will be posting my weekend event of meeting Marie Lu, Kiersten White, Morgan Rhodes and Catherine Egan. It’s taking some time to get my thoughts together because it was such an amazing day! That will be coming your way next.

Sneak peek at what is to come! (sorry for the quality!)

I hope you guys get your TBRs completed and that they are much more ambitious and fabulous than mine (not to say these books aren’t fabulous).

Feel free to let me know what you are reading this month and if you have any tips about fitting reading into such a tight schedule that would be greatly appreciated!

Happy reading!



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