Mid-Month Update! (Even though it’s not the middle of the month)

Greetings readers:


I know we are fast-approaching the end of October and I was supposed to do this update in the middle of the month, but as a student and participant in various extra-curricular activities, it did not get done. However, as the lovely saying goes “better late than never”, I’ve a few things to share with you.

Let’s get Β the more troublesome things out of the way first.

Q:”How is your reading this month Rendz?”

A: *laughs cheekily* Almost non-existent. Unfortunately, because school became such a hassle (tests, assignments and clubs) I’ve almost no time to sit down and read due to homework or studying. That being said, I’m still making my way through Replica by Lauren Oliver. Yeah, I should have finished that book a long time ago. The good thing is that I am only 100 pages from the end! (so that will hopefully be getting done soon *crosses fingers* However! I have started listening to The Assassin’s Blade audio book and I’m on the third novella, so that is getting done. Hopefully, I will be finished soon!

Now that the bad stuff is out of the way I can focus on the great stuff that has happened so far!

1. Big Signing Event!

This past Sunday, I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Catherine Egan, Morgan Rhodes, Kiersten White and MARIE LU! You all have no idea how completely and utterly amazing my weekend was. I will be doing a full recap on my blog very soon so stay tuned!

2. Book Haul!

I have bought many books this past month and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you at the end of the month! Let’s just say that my wallet has shrunk significantly this month.

3. I am on Instagram!

I have decided to make and Instagram account, to upload some awesome pictures of books and other bookish things! I will post my insta name soon (I still have to add a little to my profile), Β but my first picture will be up soon! Hopefully, I can take good pictures, I’ve been studying from other bookstagram accounts πŸ™‚

4. Change to TBR-October!

So originally, I had planned to read 3 books this month; Replica, The Assassin’s Blade and A Shadow Bright and Burning.Β However, I received my library’s copy of Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch sooner then I intended. So I have to read it within a limited time span. Luckily, I was able to renew my copy of A Shadow Bright and Burning, so that will be on my November TBR. I am very excited to start Frost Like Night, even though there is a 95% chance I will not finish it by the 31st. Oh well.

So that is all for the updates. I promise next month, I will actually do this in the middle of the month and not the end! I am very, very excited for November, I have good reads planned!

Happy Reading! (You are probably getting more done than me)


P.S. The bottom text really applies to me this month.



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