Teen Tour Experience

Greetings readers:

So this past Monday, a local bookstore Indigo Yorkdale, had the privilege of hosting a Teen Tour Event  with HCCFrenzy. Featuring the authors, Lauren Oliver, Kendare Blake and M-E Girard.

I was lucky enough to be in attendance and meet the lovely authors myself and get my books signed!


The night started out with quick introductions from the authors themselves. Lauren Oliver was very funny when explaining, the many different ways in which you can read her new novel, Replica. Plus, I’m just quoting what she said but, “Technically, if you buy Replica for someone for Christmas, they owe you two books in return because this [Replica] is two books in one.”

Replica (Replica, #1)
image via Goodreads

Kendare Blake then went on to describe her new dark fantasy Three Dark Crowns. It’s about three sisters who have to fight to the death to inherit their kingdom’s throne. It sounds so amazing, I cannot wait to pick it up.

Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns, #1)
image via Goodreads

Lastly, we had the lovely M-E Girard introduce her debut novel, Girl Mans Up about a gender fluid girl who has to deal with people questioning her lifestyle.

Girl Mans Up
image via Goodreads

Each author has their own quirks and funny stories that they shared with the audience. They were asked questions about their novels, where their ideas came from and how they rewarded themselves for finishing a novel.

Lauren Oliver said that she rewards herself by writing another book. That women is constantly at work, she truly LOVES to write. M-E Girard says she loves to reward herself with pizza. (probably my choice of reward to!) And Kendare shared that she likes to eat as well. In fact her favourite food-or shall I say condiment-is mayonnaise! She puts it on EVERYTHING!

Afterwards there were some audience questions. My personal favourite was, “How tall are your characters?” Followed by a several strange faces from the authors, which was quickly replied with, “It’s not like some weird fetish I have!” by the audience member. It was probably one of the funniest moments of the night.

Next to the hilarious stories and outbursts that were shared by the authors, many of them by M-E Girard. They also  talked about their most anticipated reads of 2017. Lauren Oliver said Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer, Kendare Blake awaits for The Boneless Mercies (2018) by  April Genevieve Tucholke and M-E Girard is looking out to reading a revised draft of something she wrote!

In the topic of Halloween these lovely ladies also shared their costume ideas! Lauren Oliver said Victor Krum, she said that the most random things always pop into her head. Kendare Blake answered “I would be Moby Dick. Yup. I would be very cozy and my face would stick out of its mouth all bloody, like someone it had just eaten.” M-E Girard was too flustered to answer, she could not think of anything it turns out she dislikes dressing up!

Finally, signing time came! When it was my turn I was so nervous, luckily courage found me and I was able to make some cool conversation. It turns out that Kendare Blake went home with multiple pictures of black squirrels because they are so uncommon in America. Lauren Oliver is a Narnia fan like me and there is a reference to it in Lyra’s side of the story, so should look out for it. I also spoke with M-E Girard about how she is just so fabulous and outspoken. She called it both a blessing and a curse because she has no clue what she said and will probably regret it later.

Over all I had a fabulous time. The signing line was long but totally worth the wait! Definitely pick up these incredible books!


Experience score: 9/10

My only problem was that I wished they had some trivia or more giveaways to entertain during the waiting time.

Stay tuned because next week, I will be  reviewing my time meeting Catherine Egan, Kiersten White, Morgan Rhodes and Marie Lu!

Happy Reading!



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