The Beginning

Greetings fellow readers!

I figured since this is a new blog that I would give a few introduction posts for the next two weeks or so on who I am and different aspects that will be available on this site.

First things first a brief introduction.

My name is Rendz…well not really. I have another name but for the purpose of this site and for the sake of having a catchy title I chose Rendz.

Fun facts about moi!

  • I am a teen blogger (only one of the many out there)
  • I am from Canada, Toronto specifically. (Yup I’m a city girl-more suburb girl to be honest)
  • I like to read <BIG SHOCKER
  • I also like to draw and write and day dream
  • I enjoy learning different languages. Up to date I am fluent in one (English-again big shocker) I speak, read and understand Spanish and I am working on French. I hope to one day be fluid in at ┬áleast one language from each continent.
  • My future career is uncertain >let’s leave it at that
  • I am a nerd. Like a school nerd. Not a video game/comic book nerd. Just a Idomyhomeworkeverynight kind of nerd. I am a-okay with that!

I think that’s enough for now. Of course with each blog post you will come to know me more and my quirks. I am a very introverted person in real life, but over the net I can be quite loud. SOMETIMES TOO LOUD! But hey, that does not make me any less capable of interacting with fellow readers like you.

Now you may ask: “Um..hello Rendz what exactly will we find here?”

Oh why yes, I almost forgot. Silly me.

You will find:

  • Book reviews
  • Book rants
  • Book to movie comparisons
  • Summaries of my author meet and greets (perhaps one day an interview with an author *finger crossed*)
  • Recommendations
  • Monthly TBRs and Wrap-ups
  • Me being silly or crazy

So come on by, let’s chat about books and fandoms and OTPs and movie adaptations! I hope you enjoy my site and I hope that you interact with me when you can.

To The Beginning! Cheers! *clinks glass*

Happy reading!




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